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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Why is sex rampant nowadays to teenagers?

Why is sex rampant nowadays to teenagers? What do you think is the reason behind the deterioration of values, including self-destruction because the body is a temple of God? Well, the answer lies in how we interpret sex and how we bring up our kids to conform to the norms of spiritual living with the people around us. The upbringing of each child depends upon the family values and conservativeness wherein the family members are afraid of God. They are afraid that they might violate the 10 commandments, most especially the law of chastity. Carnal pleasure is normal, isn’t it? It is normal for every human being who is desirous of something like lust. According to LDS doctrine, chastity is sexual purity. Those who are chaste are morally clean in their thoughts, words, and actions. Chastity means not having any sexual relations before marriage. It also means complete fidelity to husband or wife during marriage. In this explanation, the carnal pleasure should be weeded out in God’s presence, and it should be done only if there is divine permission to procreate. So, carnal pleasure, once it is committed, is purely intended for the devil. Each one of us must avoid it and focus on or pay our attention to God’s eternal happiness. President Gordon B. Hinckley said “Pornography is the literature of the devil. Shun it. Stay away from it. Lift your sights and your minds to the higher and nobler things of life. Remember, ‘wickedness never was happiness’ (Alma 41:10). Sin never brought happiness. Transgression never brought happiness. Disobedience never brought happiness” (Brigham Young University devotional, 17 Oct. 1995).

Peruse and watch delightfully according to our senses and desires!

Life in this world is very chaotic. That is the reason why we have to recollect the important memories that we have like stories or articles, photos and videos to treasure forever while we are here on earth. Here in this world the only weapon to make us very proud and humanistic is the essence of existence. Because of this, we have things to peruse and watch delightfully according to our senses and fasten our seatbelts, enjoy and relax!


Chloe's shocking experience

 Chloe was searching for evidence, opening her mind to everything around, investigating every room around the house. In the middle of her search she found a wedding ring at the rusty old garage. She carefully studied the ring. "Poof! Evidence!" She murmured. Chloe called the police, just about how many minutes the cops had arrived. Victoria, Mrs. Esperanza and Mr. Eugenio were surprised why in the world the cops were there. "Chloe, now what are you up to?" Victoria asked Chloe with brows up towards the sky. "Mom, this is simple, let me tell you a story of a lass named Christine. She was a resident in this village, about five years ago, she was the most beautiful lass...I mean very pretty, and there goes this man who was captured by the beauty of this innocent young woman.


Students understand why the language is the light and strength of a nation

 According to Education Secretary Armin Luistro, the month-long celebration of the national language is divided into five parts. From August 1 to 7, the focus is in giving importance to the national language which will be highlighted by taking to heart the lyrics of the national anthem. "I think this generation has to revisit and better appreciate the significance of every word and the depth of nationalism embodied in our national anthem," said Luistro. In a press release sent out a few weeks ago, DepEd said from August 8 to 14, the highlight is on the importance of the national language in enforcing discipline that will lead to national development. For this, the text of the pledge of allegiance to the Philippine flag will be dissected and put to heart. The schools are encouraged to stage plays and writing contests that emphasize why discipline is important in achieving progress.


Face-to-Face Follow-Through Training on Special Program in Foreign Language-French

 Deped REGIONAL MEMORANDUM ON "SCHEDULE OF 'FACE-TO-FACE' FOLLOW THROUGH TRAINING ON SPECIAL PROGRAM IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE FRENCH (SPFL-F): Per confirmation from Ms. Juliette Blouin, Training Director of French Program in Alliance Francaise de Cebu, this Office reminds everyone of the 'Face-to-Face' Follow-Through Training on Special Program in Foreign Language-French (SPFL-F) on every 3rd Saturday of each month and informs the learners of some changes of time and date. Classes will be at 1:00 -4:00 PM at Alliance Francaise de Cebu. Take note of the following schedules, especially the change of date for the month of December this school year: Saturday, August 20; Saturday, September 17; Saturday, October 15; Saturday, November 19; Saturday, December 10 (2nd Saturday).


GNHS adopts Special Programs like SPFL-French, ICT, ALS and other related programs

 School Management: The administrator will meet the different stakeholders once a month, as part of improving the 10% communication. The School Head will spearhead more remedial classes twice a week by 60% attendance with the teachers and students. The management will improve 80% attendance on review classes in two Saturdays a month. Likewise, the school administration will devote 10% of time in sourcing out funds from the stakeholders On the other hand, designations of respective coordinators, teacher responsibilities and clubbing will be implemented by 85%. And finally the school will implement 90% of the programs such as Tree Planting (GWEN) which is participated in by 90% of the students. The clubbing and organizations are composed of 10% members of the school: Junior police Club (JPC), Cultural Dance Troupe by 15%, 8% for Glee Club, 30% for Math and Science Club, 17% for TLE Club and 14% for SSG, Writers' Club and others.


A fundamental cycle to reach out for the welfare of others

 Each of us should be a friend to all, a servant to the church callings like doing a missionary work. We should be resorting to "all about service," in general. We must show love and energy; besides, we serve as church and home teachers to those members and families who are in need of temporal and spiritual services. Our family members must assist us in doing such a noble act-to be actively involved in home teaching activities. We must encourage others to go home teaching, make the appointments to visit the families, check up on them during the month and truly love them so much as we love ourselves. Anybody who is truly serving the Omnipotent Being will help us understand that we can find joy from the simplest things in our lives. Each of us has also shown and reminded of the spiritual things that are very important to mankind regardless of races. We should not be skeptical about the ability of those around us. The Omnipotent Being does not doubt our abilities, and neither should we.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny

I leave to you a very challenging message, a very famous quotation: "Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny."


The more he fears, the more that light shall pale!

"Kindness and intelligence don't always deliver us from the pitfalls and traps: there are always failures of love, of will, of imagination. There is no way to take the danger out of human relationships." Barbara Grizzuti Harrison..."The more thou dost advance, the more thy feet pitfalls will meet. The path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire- the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain. The more he fears, the more that light shall pale - and that alone can guide." Aristotle

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wide policy dissemination and study of English as the main foreign language

In connection with this, the Filipino linguist-researchers feel the need to study foreign languages like English and French to be utilized in teaching language and literature subjects in both the secondary and tertiary levels in the Philippines, aside from the primary level, so as to assess the conditions of the target language revolving particularly in the stratified contemporary levels of educational system. The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) promotes a program for the wide policy dissemination and study of English as the main foreign language. In conjunction with this, through the amendment and reform advocated by DepEd (Department of Education), it has already brought along with it the RBEC (Revised Basic Education Curriculum) in which the in-depth study of universal language is highly regarded, and it is very essential to the grade weight per learner.


Temporal bridge between thankfulness and happiness

 In order for us not to experience misery, tribulation and other painful emotions that come along the way, we must have an honest intention and a thankful heart for everything we receive from God. We catch sight of our lives the temporal bridge between thankfulness and happiness. All of us would like to feel gratitude despite our shortcomings and inequities, yet it is not so facile to be consistently thankful for all the things in the pitfalls or trials of life, for life itself is enigmatic and inevitable to predict. Illnesses, frustrations and bad experiences of the people we love so much unexpectedly come at times in our lives. We also experience bad things like sorrows which are the most stressful feelings hurled against any miserable human being on earth. These sorrows can make one's life so miserable and make life so hard to fathom and see God's mercy and blessings, and to appreciate the blessings God has in store for us, especially the adherents of God's gospel or the 10 commandments in the future.


Teachers are gifts from God

The effective teachers must have the mastery of the subject matter. That is true! According to Dr. Adolfo, in order for them to gain the mastery of the subject matter, they have to know first the fundamental rules or principles of absorbing the contents or subject matters before imparting all-out knowledge to their students.

He also said that in the field of education, most of us believe that teaching is a multifaceted human activity for it entails a wide range of teaching approaches, interactions, planning, organizational arrangement and material resources that transpire within the four walls of the classroom and in the teaching-learning process.

Teachers should encourage their students to ask questions, to give their viewpoints, reactions or comments. The teacher should help and motivate students learn how to ask interesting questions. The teacher’s own questioning strategy will serve as a model or a pattern to all the learners. It is indispensable that the teacher allows certain flexibility in the manner that the learners are doing their assigned tasks.

The teacher should involve the students in planning their own ways of gathering data to test their hypothesis. Creativity will in effect enhance their own methodologies of managing their own learning activity. It is also supported by another explanation that the teacher's deeper sense of purpose includes maintaining an attentive attitude towards conflicts among children. The classroom environment fosters numerous interactions among children on a daily basis, creating the largest social component of a child's life.

Shaping a child's social development, therefore, falls on the teacher who takes on the role of mediator and coach. As far as the roles of teacher are concerned, Gregorio expounded on the several roles that…since learning is an active process on the part of the learner, it is not possible for the teacher to learn for the student. In a very real sense, the teacher cannot make the student learn, but the former can have a tremendous influence on learning.


Monday, October 21, 2013

English is the main source of outsourcing industry in the Philippines

Outsourcing firms in Cebu, Philippines, started a few years and tremendously make a boom up to now. In fact, there are pros and cons of outsourcing, but one thing to make it sure that here in Cebu, it soars high on top of the others. Outsourcing is being done in roughly 2/3rds of organizations for three principal “information technology” reasons: cost savings, efficiency and business value– and to cushion the impact on global IT dissemination and at the same time to level the playing field for small organizations. Presently, outsourcing takes many forms.

Organizations hire service providers to handle distinct business processes, such as benefits management. But some organizations outsource whole operations. The most common forms are information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

A few preliminary questions had been asked for us to respond to the IT needs in Cebu, Philippines. The type of job is highly recommended and it is the chosen company to work with among the Cebuanos as Filipinos in general. Here are the prerequisite questions and the rest will ensue with, based on the contents of the article to be used for further IT clarity, IT emphasis and IT coherence.

1. So, what is outsourcing?
2.  Is Philippine business process outsourcing a smart move?
3.  Is outsourcing becoming a common development among specific industries and services?
4.  In the area of call centers, is end-user-experience deemed to be of lower quality when a service is outsourced?
5.  Is this exacerbated when outsourcing is combined with off shoring to regions where the first language and culture are different?
6.  Is the questionable quality particularly evident when call centers that service the public are outsourced and off shored?
7.  Does business process outsourcing encompass call center outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing, and claims processing outsourcing?
8.  Does outsourcing take many forms with regard to organizations that still hire service providers to handle distinct business processes, such as benefits management?
9.  What are the knowledge and skills required and needed by call center agents?

All of these questions can be answered categorically based on the knowledge and skills which are absolutely required and needed by the call center agents, among others. Based on the experiences, knowledge, skills, customary ways and practices here in Cebu, Philippines, a lot of things, being involved in outsourcing industry, will take into account and will greatly ease the tension of a call center agent himself. It is inevitable to have engaged in telecommunications and sometimes, a call center agent makes experience something awful and something odd.

Everything is part of the job once you are paid to do business in outsourcing company. Your main job is to have the telephone with you because this is mainly connected with your daily task as a call center agent. You have to possess the knowledge and skills in order for you not to put behind others because telecommunication business is a competition so you have to prepare for it and be knowledgeable of everything in outsourcing business.

As far as the telephones are concerned, they are used as an everyday part of business and often aided in your customers a first impression of your company that you are connected with. You have to possess and identify telephone skills needed to be successful and more professional. It provides strategies to enable you to give your callers the quality service they deserve. You have to influence your customers with great pride and perception of the company. Once you are hired, you have to look after the knowledge and skills that you have possessed yourself. You may use them in day-to-day activities in the outsourcing company. What is the call center? Why is it connected to the outsourcing industry? The call center is a dynamic and fast-paced department.

Outsourcing has the potential to deliver ongoing budget savings as well as business benefits, depending on the outsourced function. It is a highly-structured operating environment where constant change is the norm. Having said that, a typical call center agent should possess and must have the  profile that includes himself if the following skills set requirements: 1) Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills; 2) Professional and courteous demeanor; 3)  Ability in multitasking through a fast-paced, high-volume environment; 4) Excellent problem-resolution skills; 5) Strong systems skills; 6) Ability to meet established productivity, effectiveness, training, sales  and quality goals; 7) Ability to work in a highly-structured environment; and 8) Ability to accept and learn whatever tasks are given to him without complaints for personal advantage and promotion.

To dig deeper into the importance of outsourcing, what is outsourcing success all about? Here in the Philippines, we have a large pool of information technology – a call center to do business with. We can communicate well with other country in terms of telecommunication because of this outsourcing business. English is the universal language, that is the main reason why the Filipinos are adept at speaking in English. English uttered by the Cebuanos is based on American and British accents. Like all the companies that hired skilled workers in IT, English is the main source of outsourcing industry that provides us with greater advantage over the other country as far as telecommunication is concerned.

To reiterate, outsourcing has the potential to deliver ongoing budget savings as well as business benefits, depending on the outsourced function. It got a bad wrap in the past with a lot of major firms that were taking advantage of the worldwide economic difference, but in the process took precedence and advantage of their overseas staff and were paying them below minimum wage. Other countries can still catch up as far as outsourcing industry is concerned.

Outsourcing can be a good or bad business—depending on the gravity of workloads/assignments. It is a thing for the economy, whether it gives a moral or not. But it can also be a bad thing, sometimes. Companies today both large and small organizations do not have the capacity to display and manufacture every component of an end product they are getting ready for sale.  This is a good thing as this creates the need for additional jobs provided the market is good for the product being manufactured and assembled.  The key to outsourcing is choosing the resource that can provide the quality product or service in completing an end product.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Preaching God's Word: Spiritual Standards of Living

God has a plan for us and He gives us trials if we can survive and overcome them, especially our weaknesses. Perhaps, we may suffer grievously but always remember that these are only the petty problems. God has shielded us from receiving anymore problems and the problems that hit us are only a fraction of what has come our way.


The central figure in all teaching activities

Without formal and informal education, in my point of view, life is futile, values will become crippled, progress impedes to uplift and stability stagnates whatever directions that may guide or point to. Setting a benchmark of quality education is just like a free public education worldwide for the masses, and let our poor parents from depressed areas welcome this laudable act when it was implemented a long time ago. It is a big help because students can enroll without cash involved. It is mandated that all tuition fees are free, and public schools can not compel parents to pay any fee during enrollment--the school used to ask for certain amount upon enrollment to back up school expenses. These are voluntary contributions, although the government says it is free!


The photo of "Mairie or Hôtel de Ville" of Tours in France recalls my 1 month stay...

After my long travel from the Philippines to France, at last I felt something different when I landed the airport Charles De Gaulle. It instilled in my mind that I am new to the place, and the place for me is so great. Here is the account of what I have experienced in France. My 1 month stay in Tours, France is really unforgettable. During my stay in that wonderful place, it made my senses perk up as I valued how important our culture is…and the country that we live in. Based on my experience, I learned so many things: the food, the restaurants, the people, the train stations, the hotels, the department stores, the cathedrals, and other valuable and culturally known spots in the world wherein a lot of tourists frequently visit in France.


The success of the campus newspaper depends to a large extent on the adviser or moderator

Perhaps, some of us don’t know precisely the definitions of journalism. A prolific and popular journalist and writer, Jose A. Quirino, defines journalism as “literature in a hurry.” This is so, because day-to-day newspaper reporters seldom have the luxury of time in writing their news stories; they have deadlines to meet. Another well-known journalist F. Fraser Bond defines journalism as “something that embraces all forms in which and through which the news and comments on the news reach the public. All that happens in the world, if such happenings hold interest for the public, and all the thoughts, actions, and ideas which these happenings stimulate become materials for the journalist.”


Listen to the explanation of each employee as I made an ambush interview!

In this worldwide financial crisis that all the employees are experiencing right now, living on a minimum wage is still not enough. We must work hard to find solutions to the financial problems due to the low salary, and gain sympathy, especially to the poor ones. We must exert extra effort to gain extra money. And most of all we must learn to budget our own money, and become more optimistic and wise in handling financial crisis in our day-to-day living experiences.


In this Season of the Church Calendar, we celebrate as Christ rises from the dead

Easter memories are really amazing and the memories which we can never be forgotten even in the ancient practices are deeply rooted in our hearts. Our God, The Almighty, saves us from our transgressions or inequities, and we have to find ways to blot out our sins. Resorting to being committed such a sin is inevitable, but if we are dedicated and so much devoted to Him, God loves us eternally despite our shortcomings and weaknesses. Unending love is scattered everywhere just to remember God and to make everyone eternal concerning spiritual activities and righteously follow what our Savior has redeemed for us. Aside from Christmas celebration, Easter is also a special day because Jesus Christ is not born but He is really reborn. It is also the time when we sanctify ourselves with God for the eternal blessings. He has done so much to mankind—redeeming us from inequities. Due to our warm and heartfelt prayers, He always forgives us no matter what our sins are.


Throughout the ages, Philippines has been colonized by different countries such as Spain, Japan and the U.S.

Filipinos are known for their tradition to welcome their guests warmly in their home. Filipinos came from three main races, namely, the Malays, the Indus and the Itas. However, throughout the ages, Philippines has been colonized by different countries such as Spain, Japan and the U.S. Due to this colonization, we have been mixed by different races. The first invaders to colonize the Philippines were the Spaniards. This country was reigned by them for over 333 years. Their main reason for doing this was that the 3 initial letters like GGG—gold, glory and God. During their time, women were treated unequally and Filipinos were stripped off by their rights in their own homeland. We have also adopted many things, especially the amalgamated West and East cultures from them, and the most important thing of all was Christianity.


The quest for knowledge and news sense has become quite convenient, thanks to the wide use of TV and internet media!

Two of the most famous and widely spread devices are the internet and television. If one wants to impose information on gadgets to the public, these two are what you need. However, which of the two are more effective? Television is somewhat a source of entertainment. It is now a part of the daily lives of Filipinos. Now, there are three major stations vying for the people’s attention. However, the problem with television is that…it is not connected worldwide. You have to connect first to a cable company, and not all can view your video or information you have posted all the time because it is scheduled.


Friday, October 18, 2013

God always gives three answers: Yes, Maybe, or No

God will always be there for us no matter what it happens. He is always found everywhere and we can even talk to Him day in and day out! God is omniscient or all-knowing and no one in this world knows what really the best for us, according to God's volition. Prayer is the greatest blessing we have while we are here on earth. Through this entreaty to the Lord, we can converse with the Almighty and seek His guidance daily.


The language learners around the world!

The language learners

are very able

to construct new,

grammatically acceptable sentences

from material

they have already heard.

Unlike the parrot

in human society,

they are not limited

to mere repetition

of utterances.

They are far different

from the normal human beings.


Technology enhanced learning: quality of advanced textbook teaching and educational computer reform

This action research proposal will evaluate the effectiveness of improving the quality of secondary school science and research in education through advanced textbooks and technology. Specifically, the study will seek a solution to the problem in order to improve the quality of education with the objective of helping all of our students increase their MPS (mean percentage score) performance every year such as DAT (division achievement test), RAT (regional achievement test) and NAT (national achievement test), as well as ameliorate their quality of learning through advanced textbooks and technology which is geared towards focusing on one-on-one multi-classroom textbooks and materials as their peers. 


Division Memo No. 552 will focus on the theme “Promoting Global Environmental Awareness through Campus Journalism

Republic Act No. 7079, also known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, aims to promote awareness and develop young talents in journalism. It is also intended to uphold and protect the freedom of the press at the campus level.


Tips to learn various fields of international studies

High School and college students are required to research on the internet for the glossary of terms, write term papers or assigned topics to develop at the end of every quarter. The researcher must know how to use glossary of terms either in surfing over the internet or printed materials. Here are the important global educational terms and phrases with the content standard insertion using understanding by design (UbD) approach, public speaking terms, and teaching of linguistics.


Teaching is a multifaceted human activity

The effective teachers must have the mastery of the subject matter. That is true! In order for them to gain the mastery of the subject matter, they have to know first the fundamental rules or principles of absorbing the contents or subject matters before imparting all-out knowledge to their students. Teachers should encourage their students to ask questions, to give their viewpoints, reactions or comments. 


Personal experience towards linguistic need for a good education

This study is indispensable in order to ameliorate the instruction of the said language; furthermore, the study brings with it the hope of encouraging the directive research in the Philippine educational system, and finally empowering the Filipino youth to language excellence.


Teachers’ services that deal with classroom difficulties

Dealing with classroom difficulties may sometimes encounter problems that are inevitable to solve in a short period...that’s why careful dealing should be given utmost importance. Students are too harsh and disruptive with regard to learning attitudes towards the teachers and the subjects they have enrolled and learned. Teaching democratically is not to be confused with creating a laissez-faire atmosphere of intellectual relativism, where anything goes. Neither does it mean an abdication of a teacher’s responsibility to judge the merits of what students can academically do. 


Deteriorating factor that affects so much in the interest in learning a particular language

Filipinos, despite the loss of enthusiasm in the acquisition and adaptation of a modern English language, strive hard to surpass or excel in all the subjects that have something to do with English communication since the target language is used as medium of instructions in the Philippines. 


A Poem for Easter

Oh my memorable Easter

Your wish is my command
Recollecting, recollecting, recollecting, recollecting, recollecting
Observing, observing, observing, observing, observing, observing,
Taking cognizance of the memories of Easter, not only in the Philippines,
But also in other countries-the worldwide Easter celebrations!


Glossary of Global Education Terms

College students are required to research on the internet for the glossary of terms, write term papers or assigned topics to develop at the end of every semester. These tasks are not at all difficult to carry out if one has a full comprehension of what really glossary of terms and phrases to utilize, where information can be acquired, and how learning materials may be interpreted. Explicit and implicit meanings are indicators of word sources of data used in research. The researcher must know how to use glossary of terms either in surfing over the internet or printed materials. 


Young men are sanguine, free-and-easy, thrill-seeking, hot-tempered and irascible

All of us differ from personality traits, backgrounds and experiences. Aristotle's account about the three ages of men encapsulates Eric Erikson's stages of human development. He commenced with the youthful type of character. He delineated it as having strong passions, showing absence of self-control, being both hot and quick-tempered. Seemingly, young men are sanguine, carefree, free-and-easy, thrill-seeking, gullible, volatile or hot-tempered and irascible.


The Teaching of Speaking

Active listening gears towards focusing on the speech given by the speaker himself and, at the same time, giving a solid attention to both the speaker and listener in a genuine attempt to comprehend the language in a speaker's point of view.


The Teaching of Linguistics

These are the commonly used linguistic terms by the students in tertiary education. Apply the macro-skills in teaching a language by knowing the importance of each term to all of us, as far as teaching the introduction to linguistics is concerned.

Hot Air Balloon and Other Objects to Perceive!

III - I'll be out of my mind
Lean out to touch the treetops over town
I can't wait…
To kiss the ground, and never leave you down.

IV - We drank the great lake
Like cold lemonade
And both got stomachache
Sprawled out in the shade.

V - Because dolphin and alcohol don't mix
That's why I don't eat the meat, drink alcohol and drive
Because one thing to happen, good grief may never pan out,
In the end, we knock out my teeth!
And have to kiss my smile goodbye.


My Favorite Spring Hobby

Philippines is a tropical country and so, for this reason, we experience only two seasons--summer and rain. But, as a Filipino in nature, we feel like loving the views of the mountaintops, valleys and the horizon above us. With the seasons we have, each of them will not be a hindrance to imagine spring in the Philippines. It's quite funny, but I really want to experience spring. Moving on, my favorite spring hobby is going out and enjoying the beauty of nature. I find it relaxing to sit down beside a tree and looking at the surroundings filled with different colors, thus making me alive all day long. I also like picking flower that may have bloomed to its greatest size, adding up to the beauty of the environment. I also like lying down the green grass during the afternoon, witnessing the flock of birds flying and going home to their lands after autumn of each country which the birds are experiencing it. Likewise, I'm a nature lover and I never get bored when I'm with it.


Filipino Family Roots and Traditions

For how many decades, in fact, Filipinos were colonized by different conquerors like the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese. As Spaniards entered the Philippine boundaries, their goal was to conquer the land and the people who mainly contained of it as part of colonization. It was just not that, with the leadership of Magellan himself, his men spread Christianity to all the places in the Philippines, most especially to the oldest city called Cebu. Likewise, it was the start of knowing God as their King, Lord and Redeemer. In their arrival, there was also a fight between Lapu-Lapu and Magellan. The Spaniards conquered our country, the Philippines, for almost 333 years.


Trials and tribulations lead to prayers and survivals

As a student, it is very normal also to experience the stumbling blocks--financial, social, moral, mental and spiritual aspects of one's life. It is true! The concept is part of me, and it affects me so much, especially for having encountered such trials and tribulations. Whatever trials that we have encountered here on earth, all will depend on the prayers and survivals--and how we hold all the aces and come by and give the tests to them all. Sometimes, I feel afraid of my own shadow, but I should not do it much nor think about problems. In this tranquil place, each of us has nothing to spend time against the clock and nothing to throw bad eggs to people whom I get hardly envied with.It is weird, isn't it? 


What Are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?

 To become an ideal teacher is a must in order to come up with effective delivery of goods. In other words, the delivery of goods is something that has to do with characteristics of effective teachers. The fact is, we need good, successful and exciting teachers who can really impart knowledge to students, who can effectively deliver the real goods for the learners, and who can facilitate lastly the attainment by students of specified instructional objectives or desired learning outcomes.


Effects of Mass Media

The primordial purpose of this study is to provide the students with a complete and balanced education and to develop their mass media performance skills. Thus, the results of this study will benefit the students, the teachers not only in English subject but also in another subjects, and the school administrators. This study is significant because it will provide the indispensable facts about the existing behaviors of students of the University of the Visayas-Minglanilla Campus, including the faculty and school administrators as a result in a pervasive exposure of the aforementioned subjects, particularly the students with the unbounded barriers of mass media. 


How to survive the minimum wage rates

The basis of the minimum wage rates prescribed by the law shall be the normal working hours of eight hours a day. Not everybody also has enjoyed this minimum wage. Some may receive lower than the prescribed minimum wage. I pity on my parents because in our family, there are 5 members. My mother is working in a private learning institution, but her salary cannot suffice us with the basic commodities. All the prices in the market are gone up. How can we survive, then? Is there a law to repel this present minimum wage and replace it with the highest standard of the salary to be given to every employee? It is impossible to alter this law without the majority of the lawmakers in the Philippines to amend it and pave the way to the salary-standardization law.


Guindaruhan National High School Dance Craze and Other Important School Activities

Guindaruhan National High School Dance Craze and Other Important School Activities


Search results

Important Quotes for Teachers

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward. The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself. ~Edward Bulwer-Lytton. A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. ~Author Unknown. What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches. ~Karl Menninger. Teaching should be full of ideas instead of stuffed with facts. ~Author Unknown. The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people. ~K. Patricia Cross


A1campusvideos are exclusive videos on and off the campus not only here in the Philippines, but also outside of the country. A1campusvideos cover all types of videos from internal school-related videos to external community-related videos, including hard-core but educational and sui generis videos.