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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The month of August is also known as "Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa"

As we all know, the month of August is also known as "Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa." In this month we commemorate the different ethnic dances, costumes, folk songs, and all kinds of Filipino poetry.

It is also the time in commemorating the wonderful deeds of Manuel L. Quezon, "Ama ng Wikang Pambansa." Here in MNSHS, the culmination for Buwan ng Wika is to be celebrated every year, especially in the month of August.

The culmination for Buwan ng Wika is very memorable for the reason that MNSHS will strictly celebrate with its theme "Wikang Filipino Mula Baler Hanggang Buong Pilipinas."

It will be hosted by Justine Faith Basilla, the KAMAGFIL president (Kapisan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino) and Debbie Ellis Daniel, the KAMAGFIL representative.

The program will start with two wonderful speeches to be given by Madame Eutiquia S. Alday, the MNSHS' principal and Ms. Tresa Cantutay,  MAPEH coordinator and Filipino teacher.

Students from different year levels will present spectacular events in Buwan ng Wika. The 4th year Uranium will render a wonderful speech choir. It will be followed with a classical song by the 3rd year Zinc and a pop song by the 1st year Gold. The section Lead presenters from 2nd year level will spearhead a funny Drama which is intended for everyone regarding a Filipino language fluency. The 1st year Copper will render another version of  a Filipino song entitled "Ako'y Isang Pinoy."

The 3rd year Nickel will recite a poem "Sa Aking mga Kababata" which is to be followed by the 2nd year Silver students who will sing together "Ako ay Pilipino." 

Before the program ends, Patricia Claire Castañeres will recite a lovely poem while the 4th year Platinum will present a dramatic speech choir.

The program will end by a thanksgiving speech to be given by Justine Faith Basilla, the KAMAGFIL president.

The principal said, “Although it is not in the month of August, we must put in our hearts that Filipino culture should be practiced everywhere. We should be proud of it and lastly, we should not take this for granted."


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