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Monday, June 13, 2011

English Festival

Narrative Report of the English Festival, Together with the Comprehensive Report on Teacher-Activity Development, Student-Activity Development, Socio-Economic Development and Photo-Essay Activity Development  

Participation by students of the English Festival is a novel aspect of the contest and highlights the important roles of students and teachers in learning the target language.

Minglanilla National Science High School (MNSHS) is actively participating in all the activities not only on campus but also off campus, including major contests. This learning institution is the lead school and major participant of the Municipality of Minglanilla: the town of Minglanilla’s wide activities to celebrate with great pride and in consonance with DepEd memoranda. The English Festival with the theme “There is more to Christmas than Meets the Eye” is the year’s momentous affair with the different lined-up activities based on the Division Memorandum No. 642.


            Narrative Report
·         In Line with Division Memorandum No. 642
·         Accomplishment Report on English Festival


In Line with Division Memorandum No. 642

Minglanilla National Science High School (MNSHS) celebrated the English Festival with the theme “There is more to Christmas than Meets the Eye.” The English Coordinator Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. submitted his accomplishment reports regarding the activities lined up in the Division memorandum No. 642 as follows:

-          Caroling, Vocal Solo                             - Yuletide Trivia
-          Debate                                                 - Oration, Extemporaneous/Impromptu
-          Essay Writing                                         Speaking
-          Composing Christmas Greetings        - Parade of Christmas Symbols
-          Film Showing                                       - Poetry Reading/Writing
-          “How’s Your English?”                        - PowerPoint Presentation of the Nativity
-          News casting                                         Scene
-          One-Act Play                                       - Reader’s Theater, Storytelling
-          “One Vs. One Hundred”                     - Search for the Ambassador or
-           Spelling Bee                                         Ambassadress
-          Lexicon, Scrabble fest                         - Giant Scrabble
-          Speech Choir                                       - Jazz Chant

The above-stated activities were performed by the students and teachers concerned except for Caroling, Vocal Solo and “One Vs. One hundred.” These activities were handled by year level advisers from 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year up to 4th year. In the Division Memorandum No. 642, the English Festival fell on the 3rd week of December. 

Likewise, in line with Division Memorandum, said competitions were conducted during English classes and punctuated during the Culmination Day of English Festival on the campus. Each activity was experienced by the students prior also to the scheduled dates as reported/explained in the ATTACHED ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT on English Festival at Minglanilla National Science High School. Merci Beaucoup! Que Dieu Vous Bénisse!


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