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Friday, May 18, 2012

The output can be an action, as well as an opinion of your choice

Life is a matter of an ultimate choice. Decide what you think is right and be courageous to defend what you feel is the indispensable thing to do. In spite of many sufferings, mistakes and faults, God is always there wherever we go and whatever we do because He wants us to be happy. Choosing your own path depends on you and always bear in mind that life is never selfish, it is just a twist of waters all over.

The image is nothing without proper decorum and approach in implementing the so-called "planet of your own" which is highly advantageous on the part of a person who prefers to live in a peaceful life. Who am I? It is the same as you who have been created by God in His likeness and image. Whatever you do in this life symbolically entails in decision-making. How can this affect your life and your image? Well, the final replication lies in you. To get a good image leads also to a good output in life and the outputs chosen by us lead to the possibilities in order to pan out in our daily endeavors. 

By the way, let me ask you: "What are the possibilities to have a good decision-making?" Don't you know that decision-making can be regarded as an outcome of mental processes leading to the selection of a course of action among several alternatives? Every decision making process produces a final choice in order to resort to a peaceful life. 

The output can be an action, as well as an opinion of your choice. Being purposeful to the selection from among the alternatives in light of a given objective takes center stage that further serves as a replica between you and me. Decision-making is not a separate function of the internal management. It lies also outside the management of your choice. In fact, decision-making is intertwined with the other functions, such as planning, coordinating and controlling. All of these things encompass life in this planet--whatever you do and wherever you go, everything is dependent upon God. 

Life is like a planet where each of us ensues diversely with its unique image. Why planet? I choose planet because it gives emphasis to the importance of life, despite stumbling blocks that everyone has encountered. Don't you know that a planet reflects on one's life from day-to-day living? You bet it is! A planet resembles us and, according to Wikipedia, it is a celestial body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion, and has cleared its neighboring region of planetesimals.

Besides, the celestial body orbiting a star gives value to life, and only life that God has created with His likeness and image--leading to a human being who makes a decision-making towards his work and excellence. Yes, it is an image that brings about life an ultimate twist of waters all over. 

Why planet and why image? An image is life and life is like a twist of waters all over. Sometimes it attacks you but, sometimes, it defends you. We surrender but we always fight. Whether we like it or not, life is a matter of an ultimate choice. A choice which leaves a mark in each obstacle and which makes us answer in this uniquely imaged question: Who are we? As the saying goes, "We are all born ignorant and unknown to what is going on next. We keep focusing on what we want and keep being distracted in a natural way. We want to reach for the star but we always blame ourselves for missing its target. In reality, life is really difficult to get hold and for everybody to maneuver if he lacks wisdom to decide upon. A problem is like a complicated Math equation that needs solutions to find its answer. 

The hardest part of being alive is deciding your fate. Sometimes there is a chapter in your life wherein you are stuck in a dilemma--where you can choose from or decide on two better things for the best of everyone. There is also a part in your life where you are imaginatively imprisoned in the past and you have to decide to let it go and start all over again. 

People commit mistakes and wrong decisions; however, God reaches out to those who are in need of help. He accepts and lays his palm open to everyone just to give each of us an opportunity to move on. You should be somebody to accept defeat. An image about your personality which is found outwardly and inwardly within you is a reflection of which really you are through your own deeds in life and your actions that are humane and just--the chance to correct all the wrongdoings for the betterment of life. God grants us all the chances to aim for excellence, to change our ways and to blot out, as well as cleanse ourselves from the inequities. 

Everyone deserves a break in order to be successful. However, most people are indecisive. People don't tend to look outside the box to solve a problem, and that is why they always fail. Consequently, the truth is that failure is the way towards correcting one’s mistakes and being successful in the end. Everybody fails inevitably and that is normal. When you lose, you set out learning to be more mature and wise. When you are down it doesn't mean you are always down forever. Life can turn you to another pace. It depends on the person on how he steers his own vehicle towards right direction. 

You have to decide for yourselves. What you want, what we want, what they want and what you will be in the future. In your hands lie your destiny and freedom to do what you think is indispensable for everyone. Life is like an image where you can see within yourselves the positive outlooks in life and what you really want to be. However, deciding to carry out the task can take a risk. It needs strength and faith. It takes a lot of courage to decide not only for you but for everyone in the planet. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to make other people happy. People's truthful decisions are the veritable images of God's commandments. 

They are unique because you want them and also attempt to accept them into your life even though it is hard for you to adapt. Some have decided to live in a peaceful and progressive life. Some have tended to be victorious at all times and grasp at all the successes and riches while others just choose to wait and allow themselves to go with the flow of the human norms of living. Jesus Christ has decided to be like us--suffering from mockery and indignation from  human beings, deciding not to be a powerful and rich king and being a simple and wise man even if He is the son of God. 

To the people in this planet, the image is that, sometimes, we want to go back and change the past but doing that is an impossible thing to take place. Instead of going back, pursue what you aim for. Keep moving forward because life hides pleasant surprises. Life can be so messy in the sense of how one spends it. Choosing your own way doesn't mean you can do it yourself. Deciding painstakingly takes pressure and bravery; however, it helps everyone become unique in God's image. Solving a problem can help a burden subside and vanish into thin air. 

The worn image leads to failure. You could have found a better solution when you are helped by your friends and family. Everybody commits faults and failures. Mistakes are there to catch you, to test you to be yourself and to realize what you have done to correct it. Decisions are building blocks to be on top at all times despite imperfections. You might have moved on a wrong turn but life acts like a map because it always leads you into something better. Choosing the right decisions don't always mean that they are always right. Perhaps, the decisions can have different puzzles and mysteries that is why they called other images of man to follow. No matter what happens, live life to the fullest! Be true to yourself. 

Decide what you think is right and be courageous to defend what you feel is the indispensable thing to do. In spite of many sufferings, mistakes and faults, God is always there wherever we go and whatever we do because He wants us to be happy. Choosing your own path depends on you and always bear in mind that life is never selfish, it is just a twist of waters all over. To reiterate, an image is life and life is like a twist of waters all over. 

At times, it attacks you. At other times, it defends you. We surrender but we always fight. Life is a matter of an ultimate choice. And that is a unique image that resembles our planet created by the Omnipotent Being, our God! 


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