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Sunday, June 12, 2011

English Club enthusiasts cater to the needs of the students in all aspects

            MINGLANILLA NATIONAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL is the learning institution that caters to the needs of the students in all aspects. That’s the reason why a lot of student-enthusiasts are willing to join the English Club Anglais because of the new language that was recently introduced by the school for the welfare of the students.
One of my students Keith Henry Awit said "Learning the French language should be dealt with seriously and it should also be taken into account as the top priority in studying a foreign language.
The English teachers who are capable to teach the French language are Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. and Mrs. Jacqueline Bucao. Both were trained at the Alliance Francaise de Cebu a few months ago and they still continue up to the present."
The school like MNSHS in Region VII was singled out by the DepEd Central Office because of its high MPS (mean percentage score), most especially the results of National Achievement Test (NAT) conducted nationally by the DepEd.
            The English enthusiasts have engaged in important matters regarding the upcoming events, participants who will compete with other participants from different schools in area, division, regional and national levels. The activities are the important undertakings to be carried out by the members of the English-French club.
A lot of things can be learned in this club. Students will be more motivated and will surely be loved by everyone because of the wits and guts of the members to experience things that are in accordance with the norms of living. Thus, extraordinary learning will inculcate in the students’ minds. Knowing the standards of this club will help everyone discover the inner beauty of the person.
            Joining this club would really help the English enthusiasts propel in enhancing their vocabulary skills and talents. Dr. Adolfo stressed that English Club Anglais will always bounce back like a spring where it shares a lot of things by immersing culture with linguistically possessed French-English savvy, versatility in foreign language with concentrations of advanced English grammar and literature. It's such a sui-generis experience with diverse English and French activities. 
 Indeed, it helps them a lot bolster up their hidden talents, expose what they’ve got in extracting their multiple intelligences. Guided by the principles and driven by one’s potentials, participating actively in a club paves its way to the “common good” and press freedom to all.  
 English is so fun and enjoyable while one continues to learn. All the students will take part and share their potentials and hidden talents.


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