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Friday, May 11, 2012

The History and Traditions of Filipinos

One of Asia’s greatest historical stories of all time!

Philippines is well-known as one of Asia’s greatest historical stories of all time. The country itself has marked a big spot on the historical genre of Asia. Being conquered by the Spaniards for such a long time is yet, unforgettable, and worth-remembering for. Historical sites are preserved and other significant "societal roles," as well as deeply-rooted history recollections are totally on the go with mixed traditions.

It can never be denied that the foreign people influenced the Filipinos so much. The natural traditions of the “anitos” were changed. Christianity was spread all over the archipelago. Given such a horrifying occupation by the aforementioned foreigners, except for those invaders who were so amiable and compassionate, the Filipinos remained faithful and were proven religious in nature, thus it wasn’t hard for the Spaniards to capture their taste.

Food, clothing, houses—and more, brought about by the innocence of the natives, other countries like Japan, China, India and America followed the trend. Filipinos, on the other hand, lost their nationalism. The main reason for this is that they followed and, at the same time, adapted the foreign touch.

The touch, if we expound more on the details, simply means awareness over political matters or contact with the global issues that affect the entire nation. All the political affairs should be highly regarded as confidential matters just to pave the way for the state of being aware of a situation or in contact with someone with high influence and position.

However, some tribes remained consistent and continued their lives with the old thing. They remained as natural as before. With their cultural knowledge, they showcased tribal dances and traditions. They preserved their culture. In fact, many people either foreign or local were impressed and were hooked on unique history and traditions, most especially on their cultural performances.

Ergo, they never did fail on keeping the Philippines’ traditions despite the tragic history. In this statement, it further implies that Filipinos at heart remained culturally unadulterated, and united. In addition to this explanation, they survived whatever calamities, trials, tribulations and other horrifying aftermath of earthquake, etc. The cultures have been taken care of, highly instituted and preserved by them from generation to generation. Such cultures were of the most significance or attention and they were considered a “gift” and something to be proud of.


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