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Monday, October 21, 2013

English is the main source of outsourcing industry in the Philippines

Outsourcing firms in Cebu, Philippines, started a few years and tremendously make a boom up to now. In fact, there are pros and cons of outsourcing, but one thing to make it sure that here in Cebu, it soars high on top of the others. Outsourcing is being done in roughly 2/3rds of organizations for three principal “information technology” reasons: cost savings, efficiency and business value– and to cushion the impact on global IT dissemination and at the same time to level the playing field for small organizations. Presently, outsourcing takes many forms.

Organizations hire service providers to handle distinct business processes, such as benefits management. But some organizations outsource whole operations. The most common forms are information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

A few preliminary questions had been asked for us to respond to the IT needs in Cebu, Philippines. The type of job is highly recommended and it is the chosen company to work with among the Cebuanos as Filipinos in general. Here are the prerequisite questions and the rest will ensue with, based on the contents of the article to be used for further IT clarity, IT emphasis and IT coherence.

1. So, what is outsourcing?
2.  Is Philippine business process outsourcing a smart move?
3.  Is outsourcing becoming a common development among specific industries and services?
4.  In the area of call centers, is end-user-experience deemed to be of lower quality when a service is outsourced?
5.  Is this exacerbated when outsourcing is combined with off shoring to regions where the first language and culture are different?
6.  Is the questionable quality particularly evident when call centers that service the public are outsourced and off shored?
7.  Does business process outsourcing encompass call center outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, finance and accounting outsourcing, and claims processing outsourcing?
8.  Does outsourcing take many forms with regard to organizations that still hire service providers to handle distinct business processes, such as benefits management?
9.  What are the knowledge and skills required and needed by call center agents?

All of these questions can be answered categorically based on the knowledge and skills which are absolutely required and needed by the call center agents, among others. Based on the experiences, knowledge, skills, customary ways and practices here in Cebu, Philippines, a lot of things, being involved in outsourcing industry, will take into account and will greatly ease the tension of a call center agent himself. It is inevitable to have engaged in telecommunications and sometimes, a call center agent makes experience something awful and something odd.

Everything is part of the job once you are paid to do business in outsourcing company. Your main job is to have the telephone with you because this is mainly connected with your daily task as a call center agent. You have to possess the knowledge and skills in order for you not to put behind others because telecommunication business is a competition so you have to prepare for it and be knowledgeable of everything in outsourcing business.

As far as the telephones are concerned, they are used as an everyday part of business and often aided in your customers a first impression of your company that you are connected with. You have to possess and identify telephone skills needed to be successful and more professional. It provides strategies to enable you to give your callers the quality service they deserve. You have to influence your customers with great pride and perception of the company. Once you are hired, you have to look after the knowledge and skills that you have possessed yourself. You may use them in day-to-day activities in the outsourcing company. What is the call center? Why is it connected to the outsourcing industry? The call center is a dynamic and fast-paced department.

Outsourcing has the potential to deliver ongoing budget savings as well as business benefits, depending on the outsourced function. It is a highly-structured operating environment where constant change is the norm. Having said that, a typical call center agent should possess and must have the  profile that includes himself if the following skills set requirements: 1) Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills; 2) Professional and courteous demeanor; 3)  Ability in multitasking through a fast-paced, high-volume environment; 4) Excellent problem-resolution skills; 5) Strong systems skills; 6) Ability to meet established productivity, effectiveness, training, sales  and quality goals; 7) Ability to work in a highly-structured environment; and 8) Ability to accept and learn whatever tasks are given to him without complaints for personal advantage and promotion.

To dig deeper into the importance of outsourcing, what is outsourcing success all about? Here in the Philippines, we have a large pool of information technology – a call center to do business with. We can communicate well with other country in terms of telecommunication because of this outsourcing business. English is the universal language, that is the main reason why the Filipinos are adept at speaking in English. English uttered by the Cebuanos is based on American and British accents. Like all the companies that hired skilled workers in IT, English is the main source of outsourcing industry that provides us with greater advantage over the other country as far as telecommunication is concerned.

To reiterate, outsourcing has the potential to deliver ongoing budget savings as well as business benefits, depending on the outsourced function. It got a bad wrap in the past with a lot of major firms that were taking advantage of the worldwide economic difference, but in the process took precedence and advantage of their overseas staff and were paying them below minimum wage. Other countries can still catch up as far as outsourcing industry is concerned.

Outsourcing can be a good or bad business—depending on the gravity of workloads/assignments. It is a thing for the economy, whether it gives a moral or not. But it can also be a bad thing, sometimes. Companies today both large and small organizations do not have the capacity to display and manufacture every component of an end product they are getting ready for sale.  This is a good thing as this creates the need for additional jobs provided the market is good for the product being manufactured and assembled.  The key to outsourcing is choosing the resource that can provide the quality product or service in completing an end product.


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