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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The 17-mega countries in the world

What does earth calling mean? Perhaps, some students don't know the meaning of this phrase. Earth calling gives green to become greener, beautiful to become more beautiful… it points out awareness, protection and freedom to everyone. How does it transcend beyond times? Yes, as for me, I totally agree with the people of what they are about to utter like re-coloring our maps. By means of this approach, we should alter the shades to brown, gray and other colors to vividly have a "fit picture" of the world we have today. The problems of the present world are our problems too. That's why all of us must cooperate in order to arrive at a good solution and resolve the existing conflicts, etc.

The Philippines is considered one of the 17-mega diverse countries in the world. The most exotic and various creatures can be found in our country. Fifty percent of these are found nowhere else in the world. But what happened? Why are our lands degrading? Why are bodies of water drying up? Why is air fouling and suffocating? Why are flora and fauna going extinct?

We, indeed, need to do extensive patching and repair for our own sake. There are a lot of problems storming in our country today, and ecological crisis is one of them. It might not sound too equally important to some but look around, what do you see? Are we blinded by our greediness and other worldly pleasures that we couldn’t clearly see the destructive condition of our Mother Earth?Yes, we are!

It is such a pitiful thing that from the start, we as human beings have been given the responsibility of being stewards as far as God’s creation is concerned. I believe that the earth can perpetuate without our presence, and I am certain that without the land, air, sea or creatures we are futile and nothing. The crisis we seldom recognize is right in front of us--pleading to resolve whatever crisis it is. In fact, it has been ignored and neglected by our government officials to resolve nature crisis that we as human beings are the culprits behind the gradual destruction of our Mother Earth since the time immemorial.

Over the years of struggle in seeking for the right solutions and actions, we have failed to stand up and try again for countless times. The problem is growing deductively much worse year by year, month by month, and day by day. It will never go away, and it remains the same. To resolve present crisis, each of us needs unity and global cooperation. The damage we have done is a big transgression not only for our country but also for other countries. It is like adding insult to injury. We are the ones making our lives miserable. So, it is up to you to get out of this crisis. What is now your contribution to make our lives happy and comfortable again to live in?


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