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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Learning French Language as a subject in the classroom!

What makes the language functional among the high school students is the trendy way of terminologies and pronunciation of words, including the parts of speech which are almost the same as English language, but they are far different from the actual pronunciation and style. Let’s hearken unto words or diverse statements of teenagers from all walks of life who share with us what they have experienced or learned about the language. The interviewees are the high school students who were given the chance to write something about French, and their articles were picked out at random just to share with us about “Learning French Language” as a subject in the classroom!

What Emnace says…
Bonjour! French language is the second universal language in the world. As for me, learning French language is very interesting and awesome. The reason is that everyone is given the chance to learn and discover the importance of French language in the Philippines. And now, it is our great advantage; thus we have the opportunity to learn French. I am very grateful and honored to be part of French class and the privilege given to me to study said language.

What Reroma says…
French language is very important because it helps in promoting world understanding. Through it, we can communicate well with other people from other countries. Honestly, it is difficult to learn at first because it is not familiar to me. Even though it is the 2nd language used by the people around the world which is still hard to cope with. It is a pleasure to learn this language. I love French as the second language aside from English, that’s why I’m trying my best to learn this language. Though, it is a bit hard to learn, I’ll pursue myself to comprehend. I was also thankful that we were taught this French language. Our credits to our professor for his big effort. I hope I can learn more.

What Nacar says...
Learning French is awesome! We have already learned French alphabet. It has similarities and differences to the English alphabet. Next is about the number in French language as it gives me a lot of insights that can be used all throughout my life. French language is not as hard as what everybody has imagined. It is a language full of wonders for me and I am lucky to have cognizance of learning French language! French songs are magnificent. Learning the song “sous une ploi detoiles” gives me another learning. French songs are from the heart. These perspectives show what the heart truly says. Our teacher gives the English translations and my French vocabulary enhances. We are lucky to have our French teacher. I hope I can learn a lot more from him.

What Ang says…
French language was introduced to us about 2 years ago. At first, we learned the basics like alphabet, numbers and common expressions. When we were in 3rd year level, we have engaged already in conversational French which was at first a hassle time for us. We did not appreciate the great opportunity to learn such a prestigious language. We took the language for granted. Now that we are in a step-by-step basis in learning the language, we realized that it is a fun language to learn, most especially that our teacher is really understanding and fun to deal with. I am looking forward to really learning on how to speak French fluently in a conversational manner—hopefully soon enough. I can now translate a few sentences based on word for word analysis which sets out a great feeling of achievement because learning this language was never in my wildest thoughts. We have memorized the nice songs in French language which we find so amazing because now, not only French expressions we can talk of but also the song we can sing. Hopefully, by college, we can continue to learn French in our foreign language subject and I shall say we are truly grateful to have the opportunity laid before us to learn this fun, prestigious and amazing language. The pain is worth the gain in learning this language.

What Aro says…
We started learning French when we were in our 2nd year level. I started to love French language because it interests me so much. There are many words and phrases that are so difficult to pronounce. I studied hard and made my savvy broaden as I continued focusing on the language. I know how to pronounce many words and phrases because our French teacher was so knowledgeable about it. He taught us some hints on how to pronounce with his oral recitation given to us. I want to learn more about the French language because this is the only language that I learned in our school. In our French subject, our French teacher taught us many French topics. I learned from him such as the tableau de conjugaison, conversation in French language and many more. I also learned on how to pronounce French words properly by the use of an oral recitation. Despite the fact that French language is so difficult to understand and learn, I still pursue said language in learning and communicating with people from other foreign countries. Someday I want to communicate through French because it interests me. French makes me happy because I love the subject and language.

What CaƱedo says…
French is the second universal language next to English. As I have observed almost everybody is eager to learn French language, that’s why I find myself very lucky because I can learn it for free. I’ve learned French since second year and I enjoyed it a lot onwards as it continues my learning in third year. I find French language difficult to learn but if you are just interested and are eager to learn, difficulty of such a language won’t matter. I also enjoyed participating in French activities, especially when we were in third year before. We went to the city and met some French officials at Alliance Francaise de Cebu and in the French Embassy. We won the first price. It was a great privilege to be there and met some students from other school. As for now, I have learned a lot of things in French… and not just leaned on but also enjoyed learning it. I knew through this language I could travel the world—and that is one of my dreams. I knew I can use this language in the near future. I also like the way our teacher teaches. Overall, it’s amazing! That’s why I’m proud to learn French language, but English is the best for me.

What Largo says…
When they say there will be a French subject in 2nd year, I am so excited to learn another foreign language. I am happy that I will be having 4 languages: the Visayan, Filipino, English and French. I am so proud that we have French because I am bragging it to my family and friends. I am hoping that I will be working someday in France or French colonized countries. French is one of the most spoken languages in the world. I am proud that I am learning French. I really love French. I find French very interesting. That’s why I am always present every Saturday for French class. And I am thankful to our French teacher for the hard work. He is really great in teaching said language. And because he is good, that’s why I love French.

What CastaƱares says…
Honestly, I really love French because it is very interesting. When they said that we will have a French class every Saturday I am very happy. I want to learn more about this subject. I want to learn on how to speak French fluently. I want to learn those French words that we can use every day in our activities. And so, when we have started our French class in our school, I felt very happy about the good news. It is because of a great advantage to the students both in 3rd year and 4th year levels. Learning the language is something that I can be proud of. I must say thank you to the French professor because he did his very best in teaching us French subject. I am honored that I am one of his students in French. Having learned French language is really a great privilege. Now, I know how to speak French, and I know how to greet people with those French words. And now, before I graduate by the end of school year, I have something that I can be proud of, it’s the French language. Thank you French!


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