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Friday, February 3, 2012

Adapting information communication technologies in a public science high school

What is Minglanilla National Science High School?

In a press release or information circulated over the internet, we all know about this learning institution. And what comprises or makes Minglanilla National Science High School as a science high school in Cebu Province Division?

We all know that the Minglanilla National Science High School is one of the best science high schools in Cebu South. The Minglanilla National Science High School is a non-stock, non-profit public science high school. It aims to provide free quality education for the deserving students. That’s why these make up the story behind the success of the 9-year old MNSHS.

In 1996, with Mrs. Carmencita Denampo as Supervisor for both the high school and elementary departments, she founded the school and named the Minglanilla Science and Technology School. Still under Mrs. Denampo's reign, it was renamed the Minglanilla School of the Future. In 1998, when Mrs. Denampo was promoted, Mrs. Rosita Sanico took over, and it was in her time that the high school and elementary departments were separated. Hence, it was finally named the Minglanilla National Science High School. 

In the year 2000, Mrs. Leonida T. Lofranco took office until she moved in the Division Office. However, the changing of names is not enough to measure the school's development. It also takes growth, progress, and achievements.

From an enrollment of 31 high school students in 1996, the MNSHS is now proud to have a student population of 265; from a one-section school, the MNSHS now has two sections for each year level; from a beginning of one-classroom setting within the premises of the Minglanilla Central School, the MNSHS now has nine classrooms, one computer laboratory, and her own campus; from a couple of dedicated teachers, the MNSHS now has a competent teaching staff of 10 faculty members and a principal.

Based on the information given by the concurrent principal, she said that the two classrooms were donated by Rubber World through Cebu Chinese Chambers and Industry in 2003. It is now the Faculty Room, Principal Office and Uranium section. According to her, in 2004 Mrs. Leonida T. Lofranco was promoted as science supervisor, hence Ms. Evangelina C. Largo took charge of the administration as school caretaker. Then in 1996, a new school administrator came in; in fact, Mrs. Eutiquia Alday took over the administration. In 2005, other rooms were built with the help of DPWH through President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who donated the classrooms. In 2006, the PTA finished the cementing of the badminton court, completed the stage and campus fencing, and added computers and laboratory equipment.

On the other hand, the DepEd should make IT in this school as separate subject like Math as well as Science because this technology is applicable in every part of human life. This IT carries out every task for one’s savvy about technology.  It is comprehensive in details which cannot be massed up by a mere integration.

It is very categorical that DepEd should commence teaching Operating System, Concepts of Hardware and Software, Ms Word and Excel to the first year students while Power Point and Desktop Publishing (graphics design) are for the second year students. Web development, some scripting language and data base applications both Microsoft and Open Software are for the third year students. Through these tasks, the students become knowledgeable on how to repair, troubleshoot, and do some networking and configuration, including internet and server maintenance which are intended for the 4th year students.

The teachers need rigid computer training.  As we have observed, the DepEd and private sectors even Microsoft offered training which is very basic to computer technology like basic office application, basic multimedia, basic desktop publishing, etc.  The quality of education is the top priority in this learning institution. 

Students need quality learning approach to make it complete and usable when they enter the next phase of their lives. The students are equipped with correspondence savvy, including the forum, blog, online photos, e-mail, and chat, download and upload videos, conferencing and those things that are of the latest technological trends. The actual computer education is intended for the public high school student which will begin in 3rd year level.

The content will focus on operating system, software and hardware concepts, keyboarding, Ms Word and Excel. It is clearly understood that DepEd science high school teachers are equipped with a caliber of intelligence and a vast repertoire of experiences. They are flexible and aggressive, and they teach those missing topics even if they are no longer in the curriculum.

The graduating students will learn the basic concepts of programming like syntax, flowcharting, etc. Take note that there is no actual encoding since some old teachers of DepEd do not know how to encode texts. Based on the science curriculum, it found out that in the 3rd grading period, the 4th year will do the Ms Access database to enhance more of their skills in basic and advanced computer applications.


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