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Monday, February 6, 2012

Different poems for the hearts!

I can’t live without my boyfriend

For me it’s not the terminal stage of breaking up,

There is still a time to mend our broken hearts

But for others it doesn’t work

No man is an island as they say

But for us we live in a world full of love-making fantasies.

A boyfriend is a person to be with,

A person to cry on …

A person to lean on,

When I have a problem,

He is the one hugging beside me

And the one laughing, together with me.

You and I will be together

Every now and then, until forever

We can survive hardships and trials

Together our true feelings will remain.

It’s hard to bid good-bye

For a boyfriend who never disappears in my mind,

It is hard to accept if we are not meant for each other

But a new boyfriend will come to my life without regret.

And as time passes by

You and I will count on and count on

To God’s love and creation, we share the moments

Thank you my afflatus in life for letting me bid goodbye!


I don’t really imagine that you’re the one

who touches my heart with a blink of an eye,

who passes me by with a naughty smile.

It seems to me we’re having a long, long miles.

How I wish I could embrace you my Goddess of love,

Your beauty within outwits me forever.

To stare at you whether it’s day in or day out,

and to guide you wherever you go and whatever

you do, oh my precious …

To love you whatever it may be for the

rest of my life.


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