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Friday, November 8, 2013

National presscon problems crowd the thoughts of campus journalists

The recent national seminar-workshop has provided a worthwhile experience for student-editors and school paper advisers. The very foundation of campus journalism not only in English language but also in French language has been keenly tackled with different topics presented during the training, and provided the participants with additional expertise in school paper governance and notions about investigative journalism.

Many challenges cram the nooks and crannies of the school paper business. From writing techniques to financial considerations, problems crowd the thoughts of campus journalists. How these things are resolved will likewise vary from case to case basis. But, in this scenario, the attitude remains the same! The seminar has provided with a venue for these attitudes and traits to be developed; inevitably, many of the challenges that "scribes" have encountered become less tough to deal with.

Being prolific in every endeavor, and being generally useful as what people may say, the seminar becomes an avenue not only for personal development, but also for improvement of society as a whole. It is in these conferences that the youth are motivated to become God-loving and socially responsible citizens of the country.

On the other hand, it's high time for the youth to think that this campus journalism delegation has provided everyone with an opportunity to improve communication skills the most. Interacting with rural and urban youth of today's generation, and in addition to trying to create relationships with the other mentors of the teaching profession have provided with a wonderful experience in cross-cultural communication and dialogue within Philippine territories. The workshops are incredibly helpful in terms of initiating this process. As a result of the workshop time in Teachers' Camp, everyone feels like he/she is much more able to write and communicate effectively and respectfully.

In conclusion, the Department of Education should promote the regular occurrence of these academically-oriented forums. The future success of the country is dependent upon the youth's outlook of life, so it wouldn't be better for them to develop into more productive citizens while the time copiously allows them with vital parts of the efforts to improve the youth's lives and help shape the present society.



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