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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are You Living on Minimum Wage?

The issue of minimum wages was also supported by the students whose parents are rank-and-file employees in the company or firm where the salary is questionable.

The minimum wage is not sufficient if you are too extravagant to spend what is not needed anymore in the family. Yes, it’s true that some of your employers violated by not ensuing with the standardization law of salary. They don’t follow what has been required of them to pay their employees with the right amount of salary or wages. 

Despite financial crisis that both the employer and employee have suffered, there is still hope to become financially stable again and to reconsider the inevitable financial crisis wherein the salary is too small for them, especially to the rank-and-file employees. 

According to Dr. Adolfo, an educator, if you are diligent and industrious, you can still survive even though your salary is not enough for your family. Don’t be choosy to accept the job to give additional income to your family. The issue of minimum wages was also supported by the students whose parents are rank-and-file employees in the company or firm where the salary is questionable. 

What shall we do to stop this kind of salary practice? Can we afford to be blindfolded ignoring or brushing aside what has been going on? I agree also with some foreign countries that issued economic advisory not only in the Philippines but also in other Asian countries. Hereunder is the explanation by some employees who were picked out at random during the ambush interview. 

Check this article out for you to assess Philippines with regard to wages or salaries. The income is not enough for the family, that's why these women find solutions and discuss how to solve financial crisis in their families.

A housewife with 2 kids at home is not enough to raise a family if the income is far below the minimum wage, and the family has a meager income. It can't support the entire members of the family whose income is below the poverty line of living.

Even though the breadwinner receives minimum wage, the family still celebrates Ericka's birthday: All of us want a good life, and a very comfortable life, that’s why we work to earn money. This cake symbolizes prosperity to family members.

The parents were very keen at observing and having cognizance of the current happenings as far as salary and work are concerned. In fact, most of them listened to the speech given by the lead principals in a public school about thriftiness, industry...

Standardization law on wages to the employees is not fully implemented due to some employers who are obstinate for not paying the right amount of money...

Some of the employers hired children as contractual workers in their farms for the cheap labor in order for them to save money, instead they hired the adults as regular employees to till their land. 

Listen to the explanation of each employee as I made an ambush interview...

“A minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily or monthly remuneration that employers may legally pay to workers. Equivalently, it is the lowest  wage at which workers may sell their labor. Although minimum wage laws are in effect in many jurisdictions, there are differences of opinion about the benefits and drawbacks of a minimum wage.”— Wikipedia

What the 1st employee says about living on minimum wage…

Yes, as for me, I am living on my parent’s minimum wage. Critical situations sometimes happen to our living due to the minimum amount of wages that my parents receive every month. There are some instances wherein our family is striving more with some difficulties about money. Fortunately, we overcome our serious problems by degrees.

Pursuing oneself to gain something with a greater amount of wages, one must obtain the four D’s: 1) determination to fulfill one's dream to have a better life, to gain such a greater amount of income in day-to-day life subsistence, and to work hard which is the counterpart of determination; 2) dedication to a certain job which you have been singled out for a living, and you don’t abandon it for the sake of finding a job which is not easy; 3) one must have a disciplinary character to possess and to be concerned with; and 4) you must have the diligence in handling the task and performing the job honestly without biases or prejudices against the others.

In this situation, we might have a better life for the future; and yet, living on a minimum wage is not so bad when you and your family are working hard to have a good life, and helping together might lead you to succeed in your career.

Definitely, living in the world with the guidance of God, one may certainly look forward to success with determination in life, as well as perseverance in doing whatever the task assigned to him. Reaching out to God may help a person in that certain situation, especially if he is a very good person to deal with.

If ever I maybe given a special privilege, I should be loyal to my employer and faithful in The Almighty, not only when I am in need of a job but also when I am happy or in a good mood...

Besides, the so-called “low wage” is definitely not a hindrance towards success and for a living in this uncertain world. Living as well as helping together is the key to success despite financial problem. And also, to other loyal employee out there, don’t lose hope when you have encountered financial crisis or critical problem because God is only challenging you how strong you are and your belief in Him, so that someday you will be a better and successful person.

What the 2nd employee says about living on minimum wage…

“Crisis! Crisis! You must go away from us.” This line is very common to the normal people, especially the breadwinners. We can’t avoid this occurrence, but instead you need to work. Many people keep on searching for work nowadays, as long as they are comfortable with it.

Many of them, including me, want a job. You bet it right but we can’t avoid looking for any job that fits us. In fact, we are blinded by many factors and human considerations because we are trapped with a very low salary. All of us want a good life, and a very comfortable life, that’s why we work to earn money. We are really convinced to work with determination and perseverance, but the question is, are we contented with the salary given by our employer?

We should know the minimum wage which will be trimmed or used as the boundary of our salaries today. Minimum wage is not enough to raise a family. I admit that, but we should choose a bigger salary if we want monetary comfort, life improvement and other stuff to enjoy. Our goal is to live with a happy life full of money, and to live peacefully but carefully. 

Many people don’t know their salaries up to now; they don’t care as long as their salary is enough to raise a family. Salary increase is the best thing to do, but we should be aware also for the crisis. Salaries or wages are very important to all of us today; despite the fact, our country is now facing a financial crisis.

I hope everyone should think twice in deciding whether to find another one or stay at the present job. In the end, it is still you who will balance all of the financial problems. It is not easy to have family or siblings wherein you are the only breadwinner in your family. That’s why you have to find and know the right job for you.

What the 3rd employee says about living on minimum wage…

We all know that international crisis is happening right now. Most of us, the people, are working so hard to gain some money. Even though I am just a working student, still I notice that money is not that easy to spend for, so that you will succeed.

My father is a mechanical engineer who is currently working in Saudi Arabia. My mother is a housewife. There are three of us in the family, excluding our parents. We, as their children, are all studying in both public and private schools.

Actually, it is really hard to manage money especially if there are a lot of things to be taken into account. But as a daughter who also works during day time, I also try my best to save money as much as I can to help my parents defray expenses at home. And it is not quite that easy to look for a job, isn’t it?

Having such a question, to reiterate it, are we living on minimum wage? My answer is--Yes, we are. But living on the minimum wage is still hard for us to manage, especially if there are some emergencies that we are going to work out and undertake for the time being.

In this worldwide financial crisis that all the employees are experiencing right now, living on a minimum wage is still not enough. We must work hard to find solutions to the financial problems due to the low salary, and gain sympathy, especially to the poor ones. 

We must exert extra effort to gain extra money. And most of all we must learn to budget our own money, and become more optimistic and wise in handling financial crisis in our day-to-day living experiences.


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