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Monday, April 23, 2012

Giving Service to Others is a Gift

Giving service to others is a gift that needs to be treasured forever. It is a fundamental cycle to reach out for the welfares of others and a basic principle to live each life to the fullest by helping others succeed in terms of physical, mental and social aspects.

It is true that there is eternal life after death, and everything will be gauged according to one’s deed. Everybody learns that there are a lot of blessings to come if we sincerely help others; in fact, in every religious denomination, we learn at all times that cooperation can help everyone participate and there is joy in serving others.

Each of us should be a friend to all, a servant to the church callings like doing a missionary work. We should be resorting to “all about service,” in general. We must show love and energy; besides, we serve as church and home teachers to those members and families who are in need of temporal and spiritual services. Our family members must assist us in doing such a noble act—to be actively involved in home teaching activities. We must encourage others to go home teaching, make the appointments to visit the families, check up on them during the month and truly love them so much as we love ourselves.

Anybody who is truly serving The Almighty will help us comprehend that we can find joy from the simplest things in our lives. Each of us has also shown and reminded of the spiritual things that are very important to mankind regardless of races. We should not be skeptical about the ability of those around us. The Omnipotent Being does not doubt our abilities, and neither should we.

Another example, as far as cycle of service is concerned, is to let others feel about your presence with them and, at the same time, extend help to them. Giving a thoughtful gift is significant to everybody’s life. By all accounts, there are things in this world that can’t be aided in monetary gifts. Extending such a spiritual service is the most important service that we can offer to mankind.

According to Rebekah Atkin, many people believe that it is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. Maybe that is because the thought behind the gift makes it more than just a useful or interesting object. Thus, it makes the gift a symbol of the gift-giver’s love or consideration for the recipient.

She said some gifts also mean more than the thought behind the gift; these kinds of gifts have a widely accepted symbolism that adds even more significance. When a gift has all three—practical utility, personal value and symbolic meaning—it may be the most thoughtful and appreciated gift of all.

A cycle of service is the most gift that we can offer to those families who are really in need of help—it maybe spiritual help or financial help. By doing this service, our souls will be lightened or lessened with grief or tribulations. Whatever sorrows that we have experienced in this world, all of them will be replaced with manifold blessings and spiritual contentment from God.

Ergo, a cycle of service only happens if a dedicated and devoted church member really teaches everything what he/she learns; in return, the one who is being taught reciprocates the same through the acquired knowledge with the other people in times of needs and difficulties in their lives.


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