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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A child is naïve: A call for education, protection and moral guidance

 “In the past, children were all too often viewed more as property than people. Many victories for children's rights have been won in the last 100 years, such as child labor laws, protecting children from having to work long hours in unsafe conditions; public education, allowing all children to have access to learning; and laws preventing child abuse. But there is still much to do in protecting children's rights around the world.” -- Robert Alan

A child is naïve.

A world that is slowly deteriorating caused by man’s selfish desire for power, fame and wealth is unknown to her.

But a child has the tendency to imitate what she sees and hears whether it is good or bad. She has the tendency to ask questions in which if not answered correctly will lead her to a life of jeopardy.

It is our responsibility therefore to provide her with the right answers to her questions and set her a good example if we want her to inherit a good heritage.

How we train her today will determine the kind of society she will live tomorrow.

A child is naïve.

A child is surrounded by demonic people whose ulterior motives and desires make them totally engrossed, most especially in carnal pleasures. 

She is surrounded by unscrupulous individuals whose evil intentions seem to take advantage of others and pin down those innocent children just to cover their hidden agenda, along with their crooks and crannies.

A child is the victim of oppressions, racial discriminations and injustice brought to us by the cunning individuals.

She is deprived of the rights and privileges, thus polluting her mind to worldly pleasures.

The right of a child must be protected at all times no matter what it costs that leads to freedom of assembly, expression, choice and global communication without ethnic barriers.

A child is naïve.

The war tremendously affects the child too much that slowly triggers her to step out of the house and even in the four walls of her classroom just to help resolve conflicts and global issues regarding our country and its people.

It is not new to her when she hears news about bombings, killings, rampant drug addiction, political conflicts, economic struggles, swelling poverty, and continuous graft and corruption since she has experienced all these dilemmas every now and then.

A child is naïve.

A child is entitled to a free education. In fact, there are a lot of advantages why a child enrolls in school. The educational system will depend upon the styles that cater to the needs of a child. The school administrators and teachers themselves who can offer quality of education to a child also wants her to have enrolled in formal education for her own advantage. Education, according to her, in any place of the world regardless of cultures and beliefs may vary from curriculum offerings, but the universal outcome is to offer quality of education in order for her to be productive propagator of knowledge and good values.

Education is very important to a child. It is the same as the summer class which gives an advantageous learning to her. And she must prioritize her study, not to focus on other things that bother her every now and then like relationship, playing computer-games, etc. because learning in school is her weapon to obtain her dreams in the future. Having obtained such high grades helps her land a job easily someday without hassles. The rationale is that in the future, the manager of a learning institution that she is going to apply wants to see her grades first before he lets her get hired and be part of the team. So, getting high grades can help her gauge her intellectual prowess among the other applicants in the future. Summer class is a great advantage in a primary class to secure her future grades because it helps her learn in advance of all the lessons, whatever topics that she may get from the regular classes. As the saying goes, “Education is the key to progress and success.” 

A child is naïve.

A child should be morally courageous at all times. Courage is not something that comes from “flying high into a child’s heart” in times of need and emergency. Courage is not something that can be handed over to her through inspiring lessons. Courage is a way of life. It is as much a habit as anything else. It’s a matter of routine more than anything else. 

The courage of a child to speak gives the impact of conviction. It’s simply because she is afraid that other people might not agree with her. Of course, there are conflicting views, and the conflict is unpleasant. 

Candidly speaking, the child’s conflicting views resort to “worse dealings.” The guts that she has possessed stand up for what she believes in and resists to those who block the way and take her a way out. Courage is within her who feels fear, recognizes her who sows fear and who still goes on and on without formal directions. 

She is the one who propels what to do for a living and what she believes in because courage is just a concern and a fundamental right for her. 

A child is naïve.

A child should have the advanced textbooks and technology program that is based on the latest science and research assessments as the best panaceas for effective learning instruction in the classroom and effective solution to ease out problems, especially in some subjects with low MPS performance.

The child’s funding, just to have acquired one-on-one multi-classroom books and materials, is requested for training: to purchase the required books, and to technologically equip her with computer’s software and hardware for her benefit in order to increase MPS with 75% passing percentage per subject every year.

A child is the heart of a learning process, to elaborate further based on the preceding texts, the quality of research education, textbook and technology needs to be raised.

It has been observed by the child that there is much to be desired in a research in education, along with textbooks and technology. She thinks this poor quality stems from lack of textbooks and computers inside the classrooms. Education is one of the major means which a child employs to carry out its national policies. That’s why a child must have complete facilities to utilize and must equip her with advanced textbooks, including computers in order for her to be competitive and could be able to cope with the quality of science and research in education.

The child’s situation is that one of the problems of continuing gradual decrease of MPS results in some subjects every year and stagnation of research and technology in education is lacking of one-on-one prescribed textbook, including technological and methodical guides, special science and research lectures and reviews.

The children’s peculiarities are determined by the fact that they are designed for those who have taught research and technology in a science education, have mastered 6 facets of understanding and thus, need not to be taught systematized fundamental knowledge.

On the other hand, now a child requires a continuing solution and mastering of new operations and processes, renewed theoretical knowledge, especially under the attack of new information technologies.

Believing that every child can contribute to achieve the level of information, technical and technological base in the majority of learning standards no matter how small it is, she introduces and creates a firm base to put to practice with the mostly dynamic technologies using advanced textbooks, along with computers to make her equip with caliber of intelligence and vast repertoire of research and education experiences.

According to Rosenberg & Associates, it is very important that when a child-victim of sexual abuse comes forth and reports the crime to family, friends, law enforcement, and others, that she be listened to in the most sincere fashion possible.

Studies have shown that the most credible account of what occurred during a rape or child molestation comes from the victim herself. Studies suggest that approximately 3-5% of all rape or child molestation allegations that are reported are false; therefore, nearly 95% are based on a factual incident.

When a child-victim comes forth and reports the crime, there will almost undoubtedly be two sides to the story: the child-victim's disclosure and the offender's. It is important to remember that the offender will most likely find people to support his story. This is a part of the offender's mode of operation--to have a planned-out alibi with people to support it.

When the child-victim is related to the offender, a sharp divide may consume the family system, with some family members supporting the alleged offender's story and others supporting the victim's. This divide not only serves to facilitate familial dysfunction, but also can severely traumatize the victim and create a very strong perception of shame and guilt for reporting. For further article about the child-victim, please refer to this link


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