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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Internet Video versus Broadcast Television

 There are two ways of knowing about the outcomes of these gadgets, according to the explanations regarding internet video versus broadcast television. 

 First explanation:

Technological advancement spreads like fire in today’s generation. From cell phones to computers and televisions to laptops, all of them are very useful to our day-to-day living. To be globally competitive, one must get acquainted with these gadgets.

One way of using this so-called technological advancement is the “spreading of news and information.” The age of newspapers is already done, now a new era has come with the internet and television.

Two of the most famous and widely spread devices are the internet and television. If one wants to impose information on gadgets to the public, these two are what you need. However, which of the two are more effective?

Television is somewhat a source of entertainment. It is now a part of the daily lives of Filipinos. Now, there are three major stations vying for the people’s attention. However, the problem with television is that…it is not connected worldwide. You have to connect first to a cable company, and not all can view your video or information you have posted all the time because it is scheduled.

Internet is also the ace in this field. From music uploads, picture downloads, online chatting and video posting. Name it and you all have it. When you post a video on the net, then it can be accessed worldwide all the time.

These two are only a few of the things that technology has given to us. No matter what happens, both are useful in our lives.

Second explanation:

The 20th century has been a witness to the growing technological innovations and advancements. With this current trend, it gives light to an all-new issue. Will the TV become passing fad in this highly evolutionary internet age? With the rise of internet video, servicing the world of broadcast media, may have found itself a worthy adversary. As the debates go on, a very simple question with a highly difficult response comes to mind—is it or CNN on cable? It seems that a mere choice separates us from getting the latest news at the freshest instant.

Both TV and internet video offer many alluring spectacles, advantages and scenarios. The quest for knowledge and news sense has become quite convenient, thanks to the wide use of TV and internet media. Back to the time where people relied only on newspapers and word-of-mouth to become updated with the latest news feeds, it seems that the people of today have been highly fortunate to witness these glorious inventions.

The TV, first conceived in the 1950’s, has become the most liked form of broadcasting; overwhelming radio, only its 5th year of introduction, the TV is sure to be an exceptional invention. The box-shaped contraption has alerted us and made us up-to-date with the latest facts and figures for up to more than 50 years now, but may the king of broadcast media now be challenged by an amateur foe?

Internet video has come a long time since the internet was first created, made by then CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee in the 1970’s. The internet has now left the areas of research and development to become widely promulgated in the use of almost all activities of everyday life. Numerous video hosting sites have provided all-out means in order for us to discover facts at a click of the mouse; surely, then the internet video phenomenon has made its way inside of epitomes of living.

In conclusion to this, whether we like it or not each of us is bound to use the TV or internet video service, we’re sure to find unique advantages and disadvantages. In whatever endeavor we choose to pursue in, we should always remember that if God had not inspired these scientists along with their prolific inventions to think outside of the boxes, we might still be hunting for food or wearing out-of-date cloths. Kudos to technology!


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