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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is Computer a Friend or Foe?

Technology nowadays is continuously improving. Gadgets such as PSP, MP3, computers, and many more are commonly used. All of them are invented to make one’s life easier.

Technology affects human beings, most especially to students. In fact, students utilize computers for making their projects and assignments. They can surf over the internet for more information. Communication is also a factor, that’s the reason why computers are made. Through computers, communication is easily conducted from one place to another place. But, are all gadgets used for good?

Technology is also used for having fun like for instance, computer games. These are indispensable to everyone, especially children in order for them to play different sorts of games and to have fun. Unfortunately, children and adults are abusing the so-called technology. Because of their games' addiction, their grades are affected.

Computers and other gadgets are useful and, at the same time, harmful in our daily living. But remember, too much usage of gadgets can lead to games’ addiction and failure. Never forget that regret comes in the end. What about the integration of technology in education, particularly in curriculum?

As far as education is concerned, the integration of technology in education is no longer a "novel" notion. Because technology has become such an integral part of society, it is essential to integrate its use in education in a variety of ways. The use of computer technology has moved beyond computer assisted instruction in the form of tutorials or drill and practice.


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