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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 9 choices signify the talents of every human being

            The 9 choices below signify the talents of every human being. Nobody is alike in terms of attributes and qualities. Regardless of races, wherever you are and whatever you do in this world, see to it that your talent must be harnessed and ameliorated through actions and other positive reaction of behavior to manifest  from time to time regarding one's endeavor for the sake not only you as an individual but also the community that you live in.

The Mingscians as nature lovers ...
            Your talents must be intelligently exposed through proper application and thorough screening. Just like a plant, if you lack water to sprinkle daily, the tendency is that the plant will wither and die eventually.

            Metaphorically, each choice gives out positive effects to all the people in terms of intelligences. These  choices of intelligences reflect on individual's talent or potential to be prolific in anything he does for the amelioration of his personality, so that he can survive till the end. Each intelligence is beneficial according to the utilization of the person's capability to develop his talent with utmost confidence to show off and uplift his potential from time to time. Besides, the students of Minglanilla National Science High School adhere to the utter "in-depth study" and engrossment of all the ways to come by Dr. Gardner's intelligences. They ensue

The linguistic reading concert performers ...
with the 9 choices to prosper, and these are the intelligences that vary also according to the capabilities, talents and inner desires to be shared among us. To elaborate more about the multiple intelligences, judgments and assessments ought to be laid down in a specific time frame to gauge the veracity of one’s desired talent and one’s well-polished smartness. In interpretative views and assessed intelligences, there are a lot of things that we have to take into account.

            It is veritable that the existence of individual differences is a fact. With billions of people in this universe, still no two individuals are alike. With these differences, we are going to focus on the study of intelligence.

The Mingscians pave the way for intense drama & comedy acting ...
            Intelligence cannot be observed directly. Many psychologists introduced theories of intelligence. In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University introduced the theories of multiple intelligences which are considered “pluralistic view.” He identified neurological bases for establishing the nine distinct intelligences which fulfill or bring about the points for intellectual norm in our society and inner core of intelligence.

Gardner further elaborates his theory according to observations. Each of us will differ from diverse points of view and inner cores of intelligences. Besides, one of the most remarkable suggested features of the theory of multiple intelligences is how it sets forth  diverse potential ways to smart learning. If a teacher is having difficulty reaching a student in the more traditional logical ways of instruction, the theory of multiple 

The sports fanatics are on the loose ...
intelligences bears with other ways in which the material might be presented to facilitate effective learning. Whether you are a primary teacher or a graduate school professor seeking better ways of pursuing self-study on any subject of interest, the same basic guidelines will take precedence and apply in a manipulative way. Whatever you are teaching or learning, see how you might connect it with a great deal ensuing with different perspectives. So, get ready and let’s dredge up and discover our nine hidden potentialities!

  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence indicates the capacity for inductive and deductive thinking and reasoning, including the use of numbers and the recognition of abstract patterns.
- This is the reason behind the formula E = mc2 as developed by Albert Einstein.This intelligence   
enables a person to calculate and carry out complex with  Mathematical operations. Hmmmm … why
don’t you open your Science and Math books?

  1. Linguistic Intelligence points out the ability to utilize words and language.
 - It is the ability to think and use words and languages to express complex meanings. With constant practice, you can be an orator, a speaker or journalist and even a politician.

  1. Visual/Spatial Intelligence is the ability to visualize objects and spatial dimensions, and create internal images and pictures.
       - This intelligence enables a person to perceive and modify visual and mental images. Hurry, follow up Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps.

  1. Musical Intelligence signifies the ability to recognize tonal patterns and sounds, as well as a sensitivity to rhythms and beats.
      - People like Michael Jackson and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have one thing in common. They have high musical intelligences. Of course, they translate experiences into arrangement of sounds, tonal patterns, rhythms and beats. Pass those musical notes please ….

  1. Intra-Personal Intelligence refers to the spiritual, inner states of being, self-reflection, and awareness.
      - There are those who are well-adjusted because they excel in intra-personal intelligences that enable them to perceive themselves through knowing their strengths, limitations, talents and capabilities. Pause … and let’s examine or scrutinize ourselves with deep thoughts away from hassles and bustles.

  1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence shows the wisdom of the body and the ability to control physical motion.
      - It is the skill to relate parts of the body or elements in the environment into a practical and functional system as displayed in sports, for instance. No wonder why Michael Jordan lives in our hearts today.

  1. Inter-Personal Intelligence sets forth the capacity for person-to-person communications and relationships.
     - Most prominent people in politics, business and entertainment world top in this kind of intelligence. It’s simply because they know how to interact well with other people and develop it into a fruitful relationship. Give your knock-out smile and make new friends!

  1. Naturalist Intelligence deals with the ability to engross with the love of nature or passion towards the environment or surroundings.
     - This enables the individual to survive one’s environment through looking after the nature, appreciating the natural wonders of the world and identifying flora and fauna. Therefore, attend your biology class everyday. Be a nature-lover!

  1. Spiritual Intelligence refers to various skills and abilities that empower you to live in harmony with your highest values and move unswervingly towards your life goals.
      - This can be depicted through evaluation of your spiritual communication with God and your “inner” self. Improving your relationship with God will help develop your spirituality and morality. Take a break and meditate … so that your soul will be uplifted spiritually with the presence of Omnipotent Being.


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