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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ms. High School Minglanilla 2010 tilt

 By Marienne Reuby G. Renes
The Access Staff Writer

THIS year’s Miss Minglanilla tilt, organized by the municipal government headed by Mayor Ma. Eduardo Selma, was a notch higher than the previous year’s beauty pageant. For one, this year’s batch of candidates, according to some spectators, was a better breed, most of them can compete even in the regional and national beauty pageants.

            The preparation was quite rigid. But the daily rehearsals never dampened the candidates’ spirit as everyone was hoping to clinch one of the three titles, or even as first and second runners up.

Beauty and glamour filled the night as the contestants of the Miss High School 2010 walked on the runway towards fame and glory last August 21, 2010. 

Minglanilla Sports Complex housed a variety of spectators, and they supported their school representatives who are competing for the crown.

Silence fell as “The Prayer” started to resound throughout the place followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

 Nineteen lovely ladies occupied the stage during the production number choreographed by Mr. Marvie Caño. The heat rose when the contestants paraded their swimwear as they introduced themselves to the cheering crowd. The contestants exited the stage with a smile giving the spotlight to the board of judges comprising Dr. Ramir Uytico, Dr. Judy Corriente and Mr. Sinen Paulin. 

The special awards were then given to the contestants who were on their dashing long gown. The Magic 5 was unveiled with Ms. Leonora Christina Kristensen of IHMA, Ms. Jenny Me Reroma and Ms. Ethaniel Loise Abella both from UV Minglanilla Campus, Ms. Charmaine Catayada of Guindaruhan National High School and Ms. Razianne Mae Segismar of MNSHS taking the spots. 

In the middle of the pageant, Cong. Eddie Gullas of the 1st District arrived. The pageant reached its final point where not only beauty but also the wits of the contestants were challenged. The tension was broken by a song presented by the renowned actor-comedian Mr. Dennis Padilla. 

At last the panel of judges had made their decision. Among all the competitors, Miss Jenny Me Reroma of the UV Minglanilla Campus succeeded in taking the crown. IHMA placed 2nd, MNSHS grabbed the 3rd place, UV Minglanilla Campus attained 4th place and Guindaruhan got the 5th place.

“Splendour and magnificence, both are essential in attaining the crown. In the midst of the competition, the real importance of the pageant is to give justice to every deserving contestant. And that is strengthening the bonds and promoting friendship among the schools vying with Ms. High School Minglanilla 2010 beauty tilt,” said one of the judges.


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