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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Philippine economic growth is the main objective in making the policy and in designing the investment projects

 In many developing countries like the Philippines, economic growth is the main objective in making the policy and in designing the investment projects. However, how can we realize growth without economic stability? It is intuitive that growth without stability can be inefficient and limited. The economic experience of the Philippines is a prime example of how stability is essential for effective and long term growth.  

The constantly changing atmosphere conforms to the progression of countries’ economic stability. Time is a factor of change that brings humanity at the edge of the borders and further separates the truth and deception. It is entailed in the term of fortune by which a human being believes in and carries the lucks of cards which are usually used by the fortunetellers to decipher one's future life. It shows that most human beings care only for the present and future lucks without even trying to look behind their backs to seek for verification of the things they are doing.
          The classification of people intends to separate society, loosing the hopes that it would be united. The diverse people within the global community, from all walks of life, have brought to greater heights every time the clock strikes its second-hand. The doors of hopes have been closed inside the citizen's heart since discrimination and corruption have brought about poverty into fame. The prominent term, poverty, which has been used by the majority that is commonly living under-bridge, squatter’s area, or along the seashores and even at the dumpsite generally blinded by the people to foresee the forthcoming "blurred future." How can a bright future be attained if the determined and optimistic hopes of the people have been taken away just because of poverty?
          How can be the youth build the bride to future if majority of them are hungry at this present dispensation? It maybe easy to answer verbally but very difficult to solve. It is like a labyrinth of questions that need critical analogy to unravel.
          Perhaps, in these gloomy times, it is very rare that we can encounter a true noble man like our heroes of the past who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the people as citizens of the country. How rare also to see the honest people returning bags full of money sincerely to the owner without an exchange? But why it is easy to find the blind people singing along the road, asking for just a piece of what we have or even an innocent child asking for a coin to buy something to eat?. How ironic that we are saved by our God from the sins that had been committed by our ancestors--to sacrifice His own life and to redeem mankind for the inequities? Either one of us is unable to extend help to those in need. Why is it very difficult to open the doors whenever someone has knocked on it? Why is it very difficult to share what we have to those less fortunate brothers and sisters of Christ? Why are our values slowly fading as modernization conquers through breakthroughs? Is there any solution that our leaders initiate peaceful moves to end these problems and start integration of diverse societies?
 And that’s the purpose of a leader--to govern and build bridges that will help his country to progress along with the citizens. To cope with all the requirements for regional integration, the Philippines needs to narrow its development gaps and to closely pave the way for the other countries to invest in. The Philippines needs support for the development of sub-regional growth areas and facilitates bridging these development gaps. 

Furthermore, the government must harmonize with whatever implementing programs to impose upon the citizens to help eradicate poverty and unite with linguistic diversities. As the saying goes “external problems can never be solved if there are conflicts within themselves,” so government should focus first on the problems inside its territory so that the key to another level can be obtained and at that time it would be easy to cope with the economic development.
Having different philosophies in life is not a problem but a challenge that our leaders must carry the torch of guidance and lead us to empower and sustain the momentum of equitable rights and responsibility-- blending unlike notions to create dynamic answers to the problems of mankind. As the economic boom of each country may help promote common values and norms of living connecting diverse cultures, the Philippines may help bridge the future of a new generation to be safe, peaceful, united and progressive society.
          It is the fervent hope that the humanity surpasses excellence, reaches beyond the horizon and searches for the fields of the unexplained. Therefore initiating within ourselves is a great help because we may have wielded power and influence over our neighbors by any means. We could have better economy that emerges from every community but our country in general extends its help and the government officials know that the young minds of today’s generation will merely converge "theories" and practically build a prolific community of sharing societies in order to be economically progressive in the future.


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