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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minglanilla reigning beauties visit MNSHS

     By Mary Claire Christner Catado
The Access Associate Editor (External)

                MNSHS gates were wide open as we paved way for the Miss High School’s candidates in their grand entrance during their Campus Tour last July 29.

                Despite the wet climate, Mingscians warmly welcomed the candidates with a Hawaiian theme. The nineteen lovely contestants were escorted by the campus dashing lads.

                The candidates, together with their MAPEH coordinators took their lunch. Afterwards, the program was started with a prayer, conducted by the school’s EXECOM.

                The  school principal Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday gave her blissful welcome address, followed by an inspiring message by Hon. Rajiv Enad.

                The crowd became wild when the candidates gracefully posed with great confidence, stating their names, ages and, most especially, their schools accompanied with the banner they were raising for. The spectators shouted, shrieked, and screamed as Ms. Razianne Mae Segismar and Ms. Irene Eve Villaflores took the stage.

                However, yells become louder when the selected students coming from the Juniors and the Freshmen grabbed the dance floor and heated up the program.

                The program was ended and hosted by Ms. Tresa A. Cantutay. And Mingscians bade goodbye to the lovely candidates, their coordinators, Hon. Concordio Mejias, Hon. Lani Peña and Hon. Rajiv Enad with bare smiles on their faces.


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