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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top-level officials visit MNSHS and observe French classes

DESPITE the circumstances of the great language diversities, the observation of French classes at Minglanilla National Science High School (MNSHS) took place last September 28, 2010 with some attendance, coming from DepEd officials (Central, Regional & Division Offices), French Embassy Linguistic Attaché, Alliance Française de Manille and Alliance Française de Cebu directors of studies, and other foreign language coordinators involved in the special program.

Regional SPFL-F Coordinator Ms. Marcelita S. Dignos through the memorandum issued by Director Recaredo G. Borgonia said  the visit and observation of French classes are geared towards reviewing progress of implementation of the SPFL-F, focusing on the agreed outputs and outcomes within the SPFL-F results framework including the terms in the MOA between the Embassy of France and DepEd which was signed last September 28, 2009, and reviewing actions taken on the recommendations formulated during the conference on start-up activities for the implementation of the teaching of French as a second foreign language SY 2010-2011 in selected Science High Schools in Region VII held last May 28, 2010.

 The propagators of French language in the Philippines.

Linguistic Attaché Emilie Flambeaux of the French Embassy to the Philippines emphasized the fact that French was the second international language and a key to prepare Filipino students “for their role as global citizens”. During the special visit at MNSHS, the visitors congratulated the French teachers, faculty members and the head of school Eutiquia S. Alday in their efforts to promote cultural and linguistic diversity. 

On the other hand, DepEd Undersecretary for Programs and Projects Dr. Vilma Labrador during the language assessment and planning workshop held last February 16-19, 2010 at the Tagaytay International Convention Center, reminded the audience that the choice of science high schools was made since science is a key field for both French and Philippine governments. She said French has been already introduced in 13 science high schools from NCR and Region VII. 21 teachers are currently undergoing training in the two French cultural centers, Alliance Française in Manila and Alliance Française in Cebu.

The agreement signifies the important role of DepEd-learning institution as a privileged partner of the Embassy, in terms of the promotion of French culture, language and education in Cebu and the rest of the Visayas and Mindanao, according to Emilie Flambeaux. She also added that Alliance Française has four objectives: to promote the French language, France, Europe and the 70 countries which are members of the French-speaking community; to encourage intellectual exchange and debate; to support Filipino artists and intellectuals, and to advise Filipino students who wish to study French culture and/or study in France. 

 TOP-LEVEL OFFICIALS. The photo shows the local "top-level officials" from diverse sectors of society as French language advocates in the Philippines.

DepEd Coordinator for Special Program on Foreign Language (French) Ana Maria Hernandez expressed her profound gratitude to the principal Eutiquia S. Alday in her active role and support to the foreign language, together with faculty members for their hospitality, French teachers Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. and Jacqueline F. Bucao, and the 3rd year and 4th year students for their active participation during demo-lessons and their concerted efforts and interests to learn French language.


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