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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skills in areas such as recruitment, team building, motivation, etc. are all part of management skills in IT industry

Most of us might think of something that is not connected anymore in IT business or perhaps think of other things like manual work to provide our daily living for the family. If you are aware of the outsourcing business you will give an edge over the others because the savvy that you have possessed will bank on the skills and abilities to make you ahead of the other applicants. 

Yes, it is true that outsourcing success will depend on the knowledge and information that you have acquired so that your advantage over the others will affect tremendously without skepticism. In fact, one must take cognizance about the recent studies of outsourcing industry in the Philippines or other countries that engage in this kind of business. There has been so much interest in savvy sharing between the service receiver and provider through an outsourcing partnership and its effect on information systems’ outsourcing success. This study scrutinizes the relationship between savvy sharing and outsourcing success.

The outcome of knowledge and ability of the service receiver to absorb the needed savvy with the companies to build a partnership on these relationships are modeled and the hypotheses are defined. These were tested using a sample of 195 public sector organizations at random, not only in the Philippines but also in other country like South Korea. Information or findings have shown or indicated that all hypothesized ways or techniques in the model are indispensable.

What is outsourcing success? Here in the Philippines, we have a large pool of information technology – a call center to do business with. We can communicate well with other country in terms of telecommunication because of this outsourcing business. English is the universal language, that’s the main reason why the Filipinos are adept at speaking in English. English uttered by them (Filipinos) is based on American and British accents. 

Like all the companies that hired skilled workers in IT, English is the main source of outsourcing industry that provides us with greater advantage over the other country as far as telecommunication is concerned. We have fixed and variable costs and targets to make a daily profit. Our country and its outsourcing industry are rapidly emerging when they are being talked about. The first thing that comes to people’s mind is call center outsourcing business. 

Information Technology is in the field of outsourcing, and it is paving its way to success. This is considered as the newest one in business today. One’s success in outsourcing industry will rely on the knowledge and skills. Besides, information will follow after gaining momentum in the field of information and technology in the Philippines.

A lot of people will ask about things regarding success in outsourcing industry. By all means and by all accounts, it gives the ability or skill in communications – both oral and written communications in English for the Filipinos. English is only the medium of communication in the Philippines where outsourcing industry is the source of livelihood and it commences from its economic growth to pan out. 

Candidly speaking, to commence with a business and run it successfully, a range of essential entrepreneurial skills are indispensable. If success is what you are after, then it stands to reason that you acquire most of the indispensable skills or come by them before you set out your business, especially if you want to run the business yourself. The other options or alternative will be to take in a partner as co-employee who seems to acquire a particular skill that you are lacking or deficient in. 

What then are the important entrepreneurial skills the person should possess in outsourcing business? The question will boomerang to you because you know how talented or skillful you are. It also differs in degrees of savvy or talent that a business entrepreneur has taken advantage of due to personal reasons. Take note that good planning should be able to excogitate, predict and foresee the changing market conditions and adopt suitable strategies to counter or take advantage of them. 

They should also explore possibilities of adding new products or services to keep up with the changing times and circumstances and beat the IT match. Skills in areas such as recruitment, team building, motivation, knowledge of employment, law and health and safety requirements are all part of management skills in IT industry. Savvy of these skills gives way to prosperity in outsourcing industry. To implement it judiciously will help you build a team of motivated employees working for the success of your outsourcing enterprise in the global market.


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