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Friday, June 17, 2011

School’s Vigor

By Ron Bugay

            Some schools have buckled down because of incomplete facilities and other educational necessities, Minglanilla National Science High School (MNSHS) stood out among them. With a few major changes, the school has lobbed out from its tranquillity and set out to be a prominent and crucial high school.

            It was just on the month of August when two other classrooms have been built within the school premises intended to be used by the sophomores. Old classrooms, from which they left, are now being occupied by other two sections of freshmen, including the new section – Titanium. 

            In addition to the third section of high school neophytes, the first year students have been blessed with a new and cheerful teacher, Madame Maria Lourdes Ybañez who is  currently assigned as adviser of I-Gold, teaching Math and EP subjects. With the active and restless works of the teachers, it is not far away from the impossible tasks to do that the school would become an elite one.

            The Computer Laboratory room, which is now divided into two areas, namely, the ICT room and the computer room itself, offers a place for advancement to the students, along with the changing environment of modern technology. The ICT room contains a new projector for better learning and enhancement of students. Aside from that, new computers have been installed in both rooms along with internet access through WiFi connection, providing the students with great help in their studies.

            The school has also provided funds for each student’s contribution to French books that will be used in teaching French language to the third year and fourth year students. Learning this new language will help them to communicate with other people in different countries aside from using English language. The English teachers Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr. and Mrs. Jacquelyn Bucao are also the French instructors of the school.  

            Every year, MNSHS engages in tree planting. The school is promoting environmental awareness to the students to help save Mother Earth in small ways. Seedlings are planted by all year level students in different places in Minglanilla to make the community spick-and-span.

In the previous years, it was veritable and it could not be denied that the school participated in different activities and competitions. Mingscians (Minglanilla Science Students) danced with the beat during the Acquaintance Party on the month of July. They smashed the bird and scrabbled their minds during the Intramurals on the same month.  On the month of August, they had a combination of speech choirs. On September, the opening salvo of math and science month was held. Voices outmatched each other during the Math-Science Jingle on the first day of October. There are still many pending events that will surely make up for the entire school year that need to be engaged and completely carried out by the teachers and students for the school’s sake.

Municipal meet, math and science competitions, school’s press conference, STEP, Ms. Minglanilla Pageant and other contests of different levels are also attended by MNSHS every year. There is an incoming activity like the English Festival for the month of December Mingscians participate in these kinds of contests and they have brought home the bacon most of the time.

Finally, Minglanilla National Science High School is now really accelerating. It has evolved into a newer and better school. But this would not happen without the leadership of the concurrent principal and the cooperation of the teachers, faculty, PTA officers and student body, especially the Supreme Student Government (SSG). So there is a great need for unity, not fights to make the best finale in everyday life, as well as the environment which is conducive for learning and which caters entirely to the needs and well-being of the students in MNSHS.                                                   



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