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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Intel-Teach Program at MNSHS chalks up and gains ground with ICT wannabes

By Kahlil Francis Caña

  • Elementary and High School Teachers from Minglanilla and Naga converge together for an Intel-Teach Training
  • Intel-Teach Program has been helping public teachers in Cebu Province understand how, when, and where to bring technology tools and resources into their classrooms
  • To date, the program has trained more than four million teachers in more than 40 countries, and is committed to reaching 13 million teachers by 2011, including the Philippines
  • Ms. Janedina Zafra, an Intel-Program Trainer who is in charge of the training based on technology literacy skills like computer basics, internet, word processing, multimedia, spreadsheets, etc.
“A range of face-to-face and online offerings designed to enable teachers to introduce, expand and support 21st century learning, including research and testimonials illustrating Intel Education's commitment to high quality 21st century education for all,” said Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo, Jr., District English Coordinator.
On the other hand, free tools and resources for educators support collaborative student-centered learning. Online thinking tools are active learning places where students engage in robust discussions, pursue investigations, analyze complex information, and solve problems. The program was initiated by Ms. Janedina Zafra, the Intel-Teach Program Trainer  of Minglanilla Districts I and II, Municipality of Minglanilla, Department of Education (DepEd), Cebu Province.
The training started last September 6 and ended September 22 at Minglanilla National Science High School’s computer lab.
Elementary and High School teachers coming from Minglanilla and Naga vicinities participated in ‘Getting Started Course,’ with the help of principals from different schools, particularly the lead principal Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday.
The Intel-Teach Program was designed to help teachers acquire technology literacy skills and develop 21st century teaching and learning approaches in preparing for the students to compete globally. 
The topics of the course were the following: technology literacy skills like computer basics, internet, word processing, multimedia and spreadsheets; 21st century skills and project approaches like developing critical thinking, collaboration and facilitation; and action planning which is aimed at enhancing professional practices.
“The training entailed twelve modules and each module was good for two hours,” said Mrs. Jacqueline Bucao, one of the participants of Intel-Teach Program.
Participants of the training were given a chance to do hands-on “processor” activities in order for them to gain a lot of grounds to be computer-literate in the future, and utilize computers as instructed from ‘Getting Started Book and the Help Guide,’ said the trainer Ms. Janedina Zafra.


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