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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gullas proposes use of regional language in all subjects

  • Dr. Ermetes F. Adolfo Jr., a former English Dept. Head in the Secondary Level of the University of the Visayas-Minglanilla Campus, agreed with Rep. Eduardo R. Gullas, president and owner of said university to use English as the medium of instruction both in secondary and tertiary levels, including the elementary level which is the main target of language competency
  • Rep. Gullas proposes use of regional language in all subjects, including pre-school to grade 2
  • Principal Eutiquia S. Alday was also informed by Rep. Gullas that MNSHS is chosen as the pilot school within the division of Cebu Province and English is the top priority
The Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council certified House Bill 305, filed by Rep. Eduardo R. Gullas (Cebu Province, 1st district), as a priority bill.
The press release said Gullas expressed confidence that his proposal will survive Congress because 207 legislators also signed as the bill’s co-authors. These include all the seven other Cebuano lawmakers.
Gullas’ proposal, formerly known as HB 4701, was approved on third and final reading in the Lower House late last year. “The bill aims to correct the defects of the current Bilingual Education Program of the Department of Education (DepEd),” said Gullas in his explanatory note. “Its ultimate objective is the improvement of the learning process in schools to ensure quality inputs.”
Bilingual teaching has become a setback in the students’ attempts to gain proficiency in English.
“Targeting the learning of two languages (English and Pilipino) is too much for the Filipino learners, especially in the lower grades. And if the child happens to be a non-Tagalog speaker, this task actually means learning two foreign languages at the same time, an almost impossible task,” Gullas said.
He described this as tragic “because books in almost disciplines are written in English.”
“Science and mathematics, for example, cannot be fully mastered by our students, thus we lag behind other Asian nations in these areas,” Gullas added.
If enacted, the bill will supersede an education department order issued 33 years ago, which implements the bilingual teaching policy in all Philippine schools.
Under the Gullas bill:
·         English, Filipino or the regional language shall be the medium of instruction in all subjects from pre-school to Grade 2;
·         English and Filipino shall be taught as separate subjects in all levels of elementary and high school;
·         English shall be the medium of instruction in all academic subjects from Grade 3 to Grade 6, and in all levels of high school;
·         In the tertiary level, the current language policy as prescribed by the Commission on Higher Education shall be maintained; and
·        The use of English shall be a language of interaction in school.
The organization of English clubs such as book, oratorical, debating, writing and related associations shall be encouraged.
HB 305 also proposes the use of English as the language of assessment in all government examinations and entrance tests in all public schools and state universities and colleges, Gullas said.
Questions in Filipino should not exceed 10 percent of the total points in the examination, Gullas also suggested.
The DepEd is required to provide all the devices, training and support facilities to strengthen and enhance English as the medium of teaching.  



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