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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mingscians triumph, tower over Math Division competition

By Ma. Fatima Tan
The Access Feature/News Writer

An hour of excitement, dizziness due to the zigzag roads and the existence of butterflies in their stomachs, these were all they felt and inculcated in their minds as they headed towards their event -- the 2010 Math Division Competition.      
MNSHS participated in the said event in Sibonga, Cebu, took its pride in the laurels, and brought home the bacon after the contest.  The year-level contestants were Janrey Bas and Samantha Elaine Mozo from  first year, Ron Bugay and Mark Angel San Nicholas from second year, Michael Angelo Cabanero and Jade Betito from third year, and Agnes Auman and Jeselle Aliganga from fourth year. 

They finally succeeded in the said competition, not only because of being tagged as the Math wizards but also because of being chosen by their beloved coaches Mrs. Maria Lourdes Ybanez, Mr. Russell Dulosa and Mrs. Cherry Lou Zapanta.

Indeed, the Mingscians proved themselves that they could uplift the name of the school in various ways – triumphing and towering over Math Division competition.


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