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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Filipino as one!

Carlo B. Galicia

Sriking back to the air of the 1986 people power revolution, one could easily find unity in spite of diversity, as people from different walks of life whether rich or poor, young and old alike restore democracy and order previously destroyed by the dictator of the country.

Citizens united in prayer and a sense of patriotism succeeded in saving this nation from the crippling hooks of fear and oppression--all made possible by their yellow dressed leader and her tireless call for a national reformation in a non-violent and peaceful way.

Since then, much has been forgotten on how we truly stood up as a nation; that we could fight disorder and injustice if we face it together the severity of problems we are experiencing are foreshadowed by the fact that we have done nothing to alleviate the effects of these problems as they happened.

Truly we are awaiting the world to change, and thus the nation has gone in a state of decline towards national development and growth. By somehow relieving the moments of the people power revolution of 1986 we can hope that our nation will indeed prosper, on the condition that remarkable changes are made.

By looking back on the issues we have undergone since the great revolution much has changed due to the fact that the Filipino interest on national empowerment has been lowered strikingly, crippling the base of Filipino citizenship as we know it.

We are more interested now in what is “new” and “trendy,” especially in imported products and foreign media, we fail to appreciate the work of our country men.

Where is our initiative? Where is our compassion for one another? Shouldn’t we be agreeing on the solutions and not debating about our faults and lapses? Shouldn’t we make a better country and prevent chaos from entering our lives?

We should become part of the success of this nation and not just argue over our boisterous egos. We see injustice, crime and violence on our television sets, radios, newspapers and the general public but we are not doing anything about it. Let’s start with ourselves and clean-up the mess…


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