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Sunday, June 12, 2011

MNSHS Intramurals 2010 fires overall opening salvo with Juniors’ triumph

The Access Sports Editor

      With every player’s certainty, as well as desire to win, the Juniors took  the precedence and showed their dominance  last July 19, 2010 as they successfully  snatched the title “Overall Champion” during the Intramurals, SY 2010-2011, of  Minglanilla National Science High School.
      The Sophomores were succeeding the Juniors while the Seniors and Freshmen were sharing the same rank 3rd place. Even though the basketball and volleyball were suddenly removed from sports to be played, but many were unhappy and cheerless because they showed their good attitude towards playing.
      The varying weather conditions did not impede the Mingscians’ eagerness and enthusiasm to play. The formal kickoff of the game was barraged with a sui generis parade by all and sundry representing diverse colors for each year level, namely, Freshmen for green, Sophomores for yellow, Juniors for blue and Seniors for pink.
      It was officially initiated by Ms. Tresa Cantutay with the theme “Sound mind and sound body.” Besides, there were stunning gorgeous girls and handsome boys taking on the floor to represent each year level for the search of Mr. and Ms. Intramurals. Everyone was energetic in cheering for their favorites. All eyes were hooked up to see those girls and boys modeling on stage. They were there on stage, not only for their beauty but also for their intelligence and wit, according to the organizers.
       After a couple of intermissions, the peak of the Intramurals has just finally tipped the balance of power on almost any game. The kickoff of “as like as chalk and cheese” games such as Lawn Tennis, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Badminton, Scrabble, Chess and Darts had set out at once. Each year level had its representative depending on the sports played by every game-opponent.
          It was a 2-day event with all the players making their own fights and the unending support and cheers coming from their classmates. There were screams, shrieks, shouts and standing applause in the player’s final match. The rivalry between the 3rd year and 4th year was not only limited to the overall tally but also extended to the number of points, with both year levels winning overall 17 accumulated 1st place number points.
          Mariel Canedo and Gilbert dela Serna were crowned Ms. and Mr. Intramurals of this year. Everyone was satisfied with the outcome because they have done their best and enjoyed every part of the game. However, the winners who excelled in the games they played will compete again for the upcoming Municipal Meet.

Baminton (Singles)
1st- Jim Carlo Dagoya
2nd-Gilbert dela Serna II
3rd- March Joshua Japitana
4th- Paulo Soon
1st- Sharlaine Masalta
2nd-Charmaine Tabar
3rd- Joy Tiffany Degamo
4th- Camille Reroma
Badminton (Doubles)
1st- Ghemrick Ybanez and Nelson Ruiz
2nd- Robert Navales and Jerod Ravago
3rd-Rofel Calledo and Mark Romo
4th- Mark Ranoa and Iven Ejem
1st- Arrhon Bongo and Caitlin Navales
2nd-Kimber Myles Dosdos and Giselle Montebon
3rd-Agnes Auman and Kim Saycon
4th-KC Emnace and Jeanne Lim
Badminton (Mixed)
1st-Jerod Ravago and Charmaine Tabar
Table Tennis (Singles)
1st-Wrenzil Sadagnot
2nd-Paulo Sarana
3rd-Ivan Briones
4th- Kent Ocampo
1st-Mary Claire Catado
2nd-Febie Dagaas
3rd-Mary Ainee Ranoa
Table Tennis (Doubles)
1st-Justine Lasconia and Emmanuel Catadman
2nd-Earl Nino Ledesma and Jolrey Retuya
3rd-Kennie Jay Patino and Aldwin Alinsonorin
4th-Christopher Quesada and Bonifacio Acapulco
1st-Latisha Largo and Angelica Canarejo
2nd-Chenie Hermida and Anfelica Derecho
3rd-Marguerette Keiana Lapitan
4th-GC Rielle Repunte and Patrizsha Deiparine
1st-Jade Betito
2nd-Ron Bugay
3rd-Aldrin Navarro
4th-Rez Patalinghug
1st-Katrina Ang
1st-Vince Villahermosa
2nd-Nino Colminas
3rd-Chadd Repunte
4th-Val Tantog
1st-Ruzzien Mantalaba
2nd-Shyril Abangan
3rd-Christine Llames
4th-Sri Laussane Genoguin
Lawn Tennis (Singles)
1st-Athesa Medida
2nd-Micah Dacua
3rd-Lovely Segovia
4th-Rudin Regudo
1st-Patricia Castanares and Nina Marie Navales
2nd-Carmela Maniwang at Luz Reyes
3rd-Phoebe Florida and Rudin Regudo
Track and Field
50 Meter Dash
1st- Fedelf Delfin
2nd-Christ Jan Magan
3rd-John Nicole Avelino
1st- Arman Trazo
100 Meter Dash
1st-Kieth Henry Awit
2nd-Chail Natad
1st-Jfrichter Ybanez
2nd-Sierlea Hidalgo
3rd-Genevic Patindol
200 Meter Dash
1st-Andrei Jagna
2nd-Christian Jowin Tabada
3rd-Chail Natad
1st-Erica Latoza
2nd-Iris Canarejo
3rd-Lizabelle Gerali
1st-David Corpuz
2nd-John Dominique Escuyos
3rd-Carlo Avelino
1st- Marielle Deiparine
2nd-Sheena Sabijon
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