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Saturday, June 11, 2011

MNSHS joins division-wide tree planting

     By Mariel Dela Rita   
The Access Staff Writer

Minglanilla National Science High School upheld its commitment towards a cleaner and greener future as it joined the division-wide tree planting activities in different places of every city/municipality where the schools are situated of the Cebu Province Division last Sept. 19.

All advisers and students spearheaded the planting of seedlings in their respective service areas. Other non-teaching personnel and parents also took part in the program.

“We care about our environment, we care for our earth and, more importantly, we care about our children and the future generations and the planet we will leave behind for them,” said one of the principals in a public secondary school.

            The writer of the Access said “In this time, we are facing the global warming, calamities such as floods, landslide, erosion and many more. There are a lot of preventions to avoid from destruction and one of them is tree-planting. Does a tree-planting activity help our nature in the coming future? Do we have to consider this as an important event? What do you think?”       
Tree-planting activity here in MNSHS happened last September 19, 2010. It was held at Pakigne riverbank. The freshmen and the seniors joined this activity while the sophomores and the juniors had their separate venue. It was the most adventurous activity that the students must experience.

As the students brought along with their tree guards to the venue, together with the seedlings, they went down to the stairs that were very narrow for them to go with. The smell of the garbage that came from the river stank; for them, it was another embarrassing but amusing experience. When they were about to plant, there were a lot of frogs jumping to and fro towards the creeks that made them also frighten. In spite of inevitable circumstances that transpired along their way, they successfully accomplished the task without grumblings of discontent.

One adviser said “We take this one into account as an important event because tree-planting prevents calamities in the future. Besides, it saves our Mother Earth. It even unifies Filipinos to overcome the challenges that they are facing and coping.

The principal Mrs. Eutiquia S. Alday said, “Tree-planting activity is very important to us because our nature provides everything that we need." Even though how hard to do this thing every now and then, afterwards, it will cause and set forth a new beginning to a better ending.      


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